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Are you a busy professional, a high achiever?
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Wellness and well-being have (finally!) become synonymous with productivity and success.
When you optimize body and brain with customized lifestyle interventions, you achieve LIFE-WORK BALANCE, and you can:
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-Become more empowered and more in control of your decisions

It's time to unlock your energy, creativity, happiness, positivity, focus, productivity,
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I’m a certified Holistic Precision Life Coach helping busy and overwhelmed professionals live and work better by prioritizing themselves with customized lifestyle changes. I blend well-being principles with epigenetics, neuroscience, and positive psychology for effective behavior changes.

After experiencing burnout in 2011, I completely changed my lifestyle by focusing on the body and mind connection. My newfound knowledge inspired me to pursue a career in coaching. With certifications in holistic life coaching, brain wellness coaching, and epigenetics, I now inspire and help high achievers optimize body and brain, the best tools we have available to get outstanding results in life and in our career.

If you are ready to upgrade yourself and create a meaningful future, feel free to browse my website to see what I offer and schedule a FREE Clarity Call with me.

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Results You Can Expect

  • I realized I was living a senseless life filled with deadlines and unfulfilled goals in my business. On top of that, I had to care for my sick father and I was going through a difficult relationship (probably caused by everything happening in my life). The result was poor health, constant fatigue, and a lot of unwanted stress.
    I am immensely grateful for Sabrina’s Life-Work Balance program. Even though I was very skeptical about her holistic approach, it was exactly what I needed. She helped me find a new version of myself, she helped me regain control of my well-being without the need of medications, I became more clear about my goals, more energetic, more productive. My loved ones and my clients noticed immediately. I highly recommend Sabrina as a life coach.

    Marsha Anderson Attorney
  • I can only say wonderful things about Sabrina!
    She helped me identify areas that needed attention in my crazy busy life (I loved to be heard and understood!), and she inspired me to take a new direction by implementing new lifestyle changes despite a lack of time. She’s extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, sleep, exercise, and self-care, and I learned a lot from her from self-discipline to self-love. I was also very curious about her customized brain optimization protocols and what she put together for me was a major transformational shift.
    It sounds silly, but when you take care of yourself you can gain super powers in your business and you can achieve great things.
    Thank you!

    LaTasha Williams Entrepreneur