About Me

Curious to know about me and how I got here?

I’m a certified Holistic Precision Life Coach, and creator of the Life-Work Balance System helping busy and overwhelmed professionals live and work better by prioritizing themselves with customized lifestyle changes.

I’m also a passionate and creative workaholic. Or perhaps, I should say a relentless perfectionist.  But I learned a lot throughout my life.  My formula is very straightforward: every day I work on my future while I diligently learn from the past and I enjoy every single minute of the present. Life is a journey and it’s not about making it perfect. 

As a business owner in our modern society (are you like me?), I appreciate the satisfactions, flexibility, freedom, and rewards, but I recognize the challenges. Responsibilities. Disappointments. Failures. And if we always put our brand, our work, our clients in front of everything else (ourselves, family, friends) things become even harder. They can negatively impact our lives, our relationships, and our health.

This is exactly what happened to me, and maybe my story is very similar to yours.

I was an internationally published and award-winning event and wedding designer and planner for 30 years. I always loved my job creating memorable moments for wonderful clients.

But, in 2011 things started to take a different turn. I remember feeling overwhelmed, tired, depressed, hopeless, lost. The job that I always loved was not giving me the same satisfactions anymore, I didn’t enjoy working with my clients anymore, I was not creative or inspired anymore. I felt constantly drained of my energy and, the more I realized that, the less productive and positive I was. Between stress, multitasking and lack of sleep trying to accomplish everything, this started a vicious cycle that also caused – thankfully minor – health issues. It was a very frustrating and also scary time in my life because I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know what to do.

I was experiencing burnout. The horror! Now what?

After months and months of doctor visits, medical tests that didn’t detect anything wrong, extensive research and (many) discoveries, I realized my body and mind were not aligned, they were not playing together, they were not allowing me to be successful in my business. I needed to start healing my body before moving forward.

That turning point was a blessing because it was eye-opening. I’m forever grateful to my burnout because I was able to discover a new life and become a new me.

I learned about the body and mind connection, and how body and brain are a tightly connected system – not two separate entities. This allowed me to start living in a better way, to heal completely, and eventually start helping others (like you) find life-work balance.

Yes, you read that right: LIFE-WORK, not work-life. Life comes first, then work can get done.

My newfound knowledge inspired me to pursue a career in coaching. I earned certifications in holistic life coaching, in brain wellness coaching, and then in epigenetics to understand more about how our body functions, and how we can actively improve the way we live and work based on our lifestyle.

My purpose is very clear today. I learned the critical steps to live a better life and thrive as a professional, and I do anything possible to share my story and experience, and inspire you to upgrade yourself and achieve anything you desire. 

Trying to achieve balance in our modern life is very demanding. Busyness reigns supreme.

We’re constantly pulled in different directions between family, work, and the digital world. We easily neglect quality time for ourselves and our loved ones, and this can lead to frustration, stress, overwhelm, hopelessness, and eventually to health issues.

When our body and brain start sending us these signals, it’s time to change the way we live.

We might be an evolved and very sophisticated species, but we are still an animal species depending on our planet (the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil that gives us the foods we eat, the sunlight that keeps our biological clock in sync). Our genes are still the same from thousands of years ago, and we need to respect more our needs as human beings.

Taking care of YOU before anything else is the biggest gift to yourself, family, and friends as an individual, and to your clients as a professional.

Let me help you upgrade your present and future and get anything you desire in life and in business!