Sabrina-Cadini-Planner-SpeakerIt’s so nice to have you on my website! A little about me in no particular order…

TV ANNOUNCER turned EVENT & WEDDING DESIGNER because I love inspiration boards, spreadsheets, and first dances
Devoted CERTIFICATION JUNKIE and AWARD CHASER because being best in my industry is my number one ambition
Avid VOLUNTEER for non-profit organizations because my time is valuable and I value good causes
Obsessed with a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE that promotes clean eating, regular exercise, good sleep and time for yourself for productivity at its best
Passionate COACH FOR WEDDING PROFESSIONALS because your business should give you lots of satisfactions as it does to me
Addicted to Periscope since June 20, 2015 and committed to share my knowledge as a LIVE STREAMING EXPERT in workshops and trainings
Grateful DAUGHTER, SISTER, WIFE, MOTHER, CAT LOVER, and I couldn’t be any happier about my life

… And here’s the long version:

I was born and raised in Italy and after a fun career in modeling and TV I was introduced to the world of event and wedding design / planning.

When I moved to the United States with my husband and our son I managed events on a larger scale for medical conferences all over North America as a tour operator and meeting planner. However, weddings and special events were always my biggest passion and La Dolce Idea Weddings & Soirees was born. Since then I designed and planned celebrations for wonderful couples that I will never forget, I won industry awards for my professionalism and my work was published on prestigious publications thanks to my creativity and design skills.

After designing and planning successful celebrations for more than 20 years  I launched coaching & consulting programs for wedding entrepreneurs who are passionate and serious about starting a business (just like I was when I founded La Dolce Idea) or who have a little experience but they would like to bring their career to the next level, create their signature style and attract the right client. Do you have the passion but don’t know where to start or how to improve your business? Schedule your FREE Clarity Call today! Workshops and online courses will follow soon.

People call me “The Healthy Planner” because I practice a life-work balance routine every day in order to stay healthy and be more productive. I strongly believe in a body + mind connection and you can learn more in my coaching programs.

In June 2015 I fell in love with Periscope and since then I have been broadcasting consistently with outstanding results. I met wonderful people all around the world and I learnt a lot about live streaming. Live video is here to stay and if you are thinking about adding live video to your marketing strategy I have workshops and trainings for you!

  • Certifications:
    • Professional Wedding Planner (designation from the Association of Bridal Consultants)
    • Green Wedding Planner (certification from Green Bride Guide)
    • Wedding Planner for Same-Sex Weddings (certification from The Gay Wedding Institute)