sabrina cadini life-work balance strategist business productivity coach creative entrepreneurs
sabrina cadini life-work balance strategist business productivity coach creative entrepreneurs

It’s sooo nice to meet you!

Curious to know about me, how I got here and how I can help you?

I’m a passionate creative entrepreneur. My life has always been about creating something new for the future while I diligently learn from the past and I enjoy every single minute of the present. Life is a journey and I can’t be happier about it.

As you probably know, owning a business is very rewarding but it also brings big responsibilities. Challenges. Disappointments. Failures. When you add the fact that you always put your work, your profession in front of everything else (yourself, family, friends) things become even harder, and they can negatively impact your life – and your health.

This is exactly what happened to me, and maybe my story is very similar to yours.

I was an internationally published and award-winning event and wedding designer and planner for 30 years. I always loved my job creating memorable moments for wonderful clients.

But, in 2011 things started to take a different turn. I remember feeling overwhelmed, tired, depressed, hopeless, lost. The job that I always loved was not giving me the same satisfactions anymore, I didn’t enjoy working with my clients anymore, I was not creative or inspired anymore. I felt constantly drained of my energy and, the more I realized that, the less productive and positive I was. Between stress, multitasking and lack of sleep trying to accomplish everything, this started a vicious cycle that also caused – thankfully minor – health issues. It was a very frustrating and also scary time in my life because I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know what to do.

Entrepreneurial burnout. The horror! Now what?

I consider that turning point as a blessing because it was truly eye-opening. I’m forever grateful to my burnout because I was able to discover a new life and become a new me.

After months and months of doctor visits, medical tests that didn’t detect anything wrong, extensive research and (many) discoveries, I started focusing on the body and mind connection. This allowed me to start living in a better way, and eventually start helping others (like you) find life-work balance.

Yes, you heard it right: LIFE-WORK, not work-life. Your personal life should come first, then work can get done.

Today I am:

  • Coaching creative entrepreneurs on Life-Work Balance, a lifestyle program with strategies that will give you a new perspective, a new mindset about your daily life. These strategies can be implemented little by little into your daily routine and they will improve your well-being, increase your energy, enhance your productivity, bring more success, and make you more profitable. My Life-Work Balance program is based on five principles that you can start incorporating today and they will change your life forever
  • Coaching wedding professionals with business and productivity programs to elevate their brand and increase their sales. After planning more than 400 weddings and non-profit events, I’ve learned a thing or two about making a business profitable (wink wink!) and I created winning systems and strategies that can help you achieve your goals better and make more money while taking care of yourself. No more overwhelm and burnout in your life!
sabrina cadini business coach entrepreneur life work balance productivity

I know how precious life is. Life is the most precious possession that was given to you when you were born. You can attribute this to your God or to science but, the fact is that you should take great care of your life. When you’re sick, nothing else matters, right? Our health is our wealth.

Not taking care of yourself is the biggest disservice to yourself, family and friends as an individual, and to your clients as a professional. Don’t ever push yourself to the limit, make YOU the center of attention and you will see how everything else works in the right way.

Why I love to do what I do

Having Sabrina as my coach was the best investment ever! I never thought her Life-Work Balance program could have such a positive impact on my daily life
Isabelle Besson
Professional Organizer
Sabrina has been amazing! She’s informed me on and encouraged me to embark on styled shoots! Soon me and the amazing group I worked with are being featured in a local bridal magazine!
Dani Sachs
Wedding Pro
Excellent workshop! It was very informative and I had the opportunity to learn new strategies. Sabrina gives a lot of great nuggets!
Eric Pierre
Insurance Director