Time Blocking & Time Boxing for Life-Work Balance

Time is the most valuable resource in life. Therefore, managing your time is the most important aspect of being effective in life and in the workplace, and having an effective and efficient calendar management is critical to productivity and efficiency.

Two favorite scheduling techniques that I always suggest to my clients are time blocking and time boxing. By allocating specific blocks of time to tasks or activities, you gain better control over your schedule, enhancing productivity and focus. Time blocking ensures intentional allocation of time to your priorities, while time boxing establishes clear limits, preventing tasks from expanding beyond their designated timeframe. This strategic approach promotes optimal performance in both personal and professional spheres.

The best way to implement time blocking and time boxing is by having a zero-based calendar, and this digital guide is packed with useful tips (including the easy step-by-step process) to set up, customize, and manage your own zero-based calendar.

Reclaim your time and live life fully today!