Life-Work Mastermind is BACK!
Join us for the Fall 2019 Edition 😍
Starting October 1

sabrina cadini life work balance mastermind 2019 coaching application

-Are you super passionate about what you do but you don’t see the growth and the results you were expecting when you embarked on your new adventure as a creative entrepreneur?

-Do you feel tired and drained at the end of your long days?

-Is there anything blocking you from achieving your goals and having what you desire in life and in business?

-Do you feel you’re doing everything right but there’s still something missing?

-Are you frustrated by the little profit you see in your bank account despite the amount of work you put into your business?

-Do you feel lonely in this race to success and everything seems too overwhelming?

If you’d like to get support, inspiration and advice from me and other amazing like-minded professionals in an intimate group setting you are in the right place!

We will meet virtually which means, you will be joining from the comfort of your home or studio learning about life-work balance and how you too can master it. 

You will connect with me and other AH-MAZING women living in different places, from different backgrounds, and you will get creative ideas and tips to implement immediately.

The Life-Work Mastermind will challenge you to grow bigger and better in your personal and professional areas like never before.

What you will get when you join the Life-Work Mastermind:

  • A community of like-minded women who are passionate about what they do, who share the same values, and who are there to support you
  • Brainstorming, feedback and support
  • Accountability to keep track of your progress
  • Tips and strategies to improve your personal area: body-mind connection, neuroscience, nutrition, sleep, exercise, self-care, mindfulness, emotions, confidence, positive thinking, habit creation and tracking, stress management, goals, biohacks
  • Tips and strategies to improve your professional area related to: time management, productivity, goals, your creative spark

You will identify your struggles, leverage your strengths and skills, celebrate your wins, you will be on a journey toward a balance between life and work together with other amazing women committed to change your world.

This will be a growing and learning experience that will empower you in different areas and push you to the next level. There will be challenges and activities to let you improve your well-being, your personal and professional life; strategies and tips that you can implement immediately to gain clarity and achieve your goals.

You will finally say hello to that life that you’ve been dreaming of for years!!!



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sabrina cadini life work balance mastermind 2019 coaching application

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