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Do you relate to any of these?

  • You are a busy entrepreneur / solopreneur / freelancer / business owner
  • You work long hours because you love what you do
  • You are always busy (but not very productive)
  • You feel overwhelmed
  • You are constantly stressed out
  • You have a hard time to focus
  • You have a never-ending “to do” list
  • You multitask trying to keep up with your “to do” list
  • You don’t sleep enough hours
  • You can’t exercise regularly
  • You eat whatever is convenient
  • You have a family to take care of
  • You can never find some “me” time for yourself

If you said YES to most of them, you’re not alone! I was exactly that way. Not fun!

After experiencing burnout, depression and – thankfully minor – health issues, I decided to take back my life in 2012 and start over. I focused on ME before taking care of others, and I created a system that helped me improve my well-being, increase focus and productivity, become happier and less stressed out, more successful and profitable.

My new ME is now able to work better, achieve goals faster, and really take care of clients with love and that passion that was long lost.

You can do the same! Taking care of YOU as an individual before you as a business owner is a must in today’s fast-paced society. 

There’s a tight connection between our body and mind, and they should be considered as a system, not as two different entities.

Very often, we experience fatigue, overwhelm, stress, anxiety, depression, and in some cases we have to deal with health issues (as it happened to me) and even autoimmune diseases. But we might not be aware of underlying issues that are sabotaging our life. They might be caused by a poor diet, not enough sleep or exercise, a sedentary lifestyle, a negative mindset, a demanding daily routine. We hardly connect the dots and go deeper to find out what’s causing all these imbalances in our body and in our brain. 

When you are able to align and bring balance to your body and mind, you improve your well being, and work can also benefit.

As a result:

  • You lead a healthier lifestyle
  • You improve your relationships
  • Your energy increases
  • Your confidence soars
  • You boost your focus
  • You become more productive
  • You become more successful
  • You become more profitable

There’s much more than trying to find a few hours to relax or setting boundaries between you and your clients. It all starts in your body.

LIFE-WORK BALANCE is a complete program that focuses on the body and mind connection to get control of your life again.

Life-Work Balance is based on five principles:

  1. Eat better
  2. Sleep more
  3. Move daily
  4. Love yourself
  5. Own your life

If you own a business like me you know how hard it is to balance your personal and professional life between work, family, and YOU.

But, until you keep putting work and life on the same level, until you keep considering work and life as competing interests, you will never achieve balance. There’s more than finding a few hours for yourself to relax or setting boundaries with your clients. Everything starts in your body and in your brain.

So how am I different in my coaching practice? I use a holistic approach that focuses on the body and mind connection combined with neuroscience and positive thinking. For me, work is not the same as life. Your personal life comes before your professional life.

Let me guide you through the five principles that will help you take control of your life from A to Z. Live better by improving your energy, being more productive, and getting things done without stressing out. Most of all, find the time for YOU! The results? You’ll be happier and more profitable.

We all know that a winning mindset, focus, clarity, determination, and distraction control can bring success.  A well-functioning brain allows for cognitive enrichment and creates more opportunities for success in your personal and professional life. 
By optimizing your body and brain through proper nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management, and the right habits, you can get long-lasting results including a clear and sharp mind, a far more productive and efficient daily life, happiness, creativity, and overall health.  

Your life is made by YOUR choices.

Living a fulfilled life is totally up to you.

Take charge of your decisions and choices TODAY and start living better and healthier.

I want you to thrive in your personal life, and to succeed in your business!

Are you ready to change?  


Complimentary video call where we will assess your current situation, and we will create a customized action plan to improve your life and work goals for optimal health and maximum productivity.

Schedule yours HERE

The ultimate program that focuses on the body+mind connection for a new YOU.

We will work together for 6 months and we will improve different areas: nutrition, sleep, exercise, self-care, brain optimization, stress management, habit creation and tracking, and business goals.

The program is filled with actionable steps, tools, and resources that you can gradually implement in your daily life.


A quick, three-step coaching plan to start transforming your life.

What’s included:

– 30-minute discovery session to assess your current situation, your pain points, your energy and positivity levels, your mental blocks, your fears, and more

– 30-minute follow-up session to provide you with a body+mind customized plan that covers nutrition, sleep, exercise, self-care, brain optimization, stress management, habit creation and tracking, positivity, and productivity strategies for your personal and professional life. You will get resources and tools to change your lifestyle and maximize your everyday life

– Life-Work Balance Scorecard to track your progress in different areas and take action

– 10-minute guided meditation to help you shift your mindset, let go of those negative beliefs and discover a new YOU

– Invitation to join my private Facebook Group, YES To Life-Work Balance, where we will continue the conversation and you will learn ways to bring your new life to a higher level. Your new community is waiting: all the members there are on a journey to optimal physical and mental health for the best results in their daily life


Ongoing coaching plan for busy professionals who want monthly life-work balance guidance. We will keep your nutrition, sleep, exercise, self-care goals, brain optimization, habit creation and tracking, for optimal health, maximum productivity, and success in your life and in your business.


– Unlimited emails

– Up to two 1-hour video sessions a month


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