Live Life Fully

How to upgrade yourself
with Life-Work Balance

It was time.

After helping hundreds of busy professionals upgrade their lives and achieve Life-Work Balance in my coaching practice, I felt the need to reach more people and allow them to live better, just like my clients. 

What if you could increase energy, focus, positivity, creativity, happiness, and become more productive and successful while improving your well-being?

It sounds like an impossible thing to do in today’s world between a demanding full-time job with urgent deadlines and a family. There’s never time for yourself! 

I get it. I was in the same situation years ago and it wasn’t fun. But I have a solution. 

I’m very excited to present you my book, Live Life Fully, a practical guide on how to achieve Life-Work Balance – my signature coaching program – by optimizing your body and brain and get anything you desire in life and business. You will receive the help of neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness, biohacking, along with some advice from… cats! 

Key points in Live Life Fully

Why Life-Work Balance

Learn about my story and why I created my signature program. Miss Mocha, my cat, will share her expert advice, too


Choose the foods (and fluids) that give you fuel and energy, lower inflammation, and provide information to your genes


Master your sleep pattern to regulate hormone production, consolidate memory, and repair/grow new cells


Stay physically active during the day to boost your immune system, improve blood flow, and detoxify your body


Discover the stress triggers around you, identify the warning signs, and shift your perspective with resilience


Practice self-care to rest, relax, and recharge: make time for yourself, family, friends, and celebrate precious moments


Understand how much your time is worth, and spend it more on the things that can make a difference in your life

Tips and Strategies

Create your own Life-Work Balance toolkit with biohacks to make positive changes to your lifestyle and feel your best


Get access to worksheets to create an effective action plan, plus recipes, a list of experts, books, podcasts, and more

The concept of life-work balance is centuries old, but many people consider it new-age. This is a counter-intuitive approach to work-life balance. In today’s society, work often comes first and then your life follows, allowing you to take care of yourself somehow, sometime. If and when you have the time.

This causes frustration, stress, depression, health issues, and mediocre results in business. Modern life prioritizes work, being always on the run, and celebrates busyness. As a result, you tend to put yourself last in your to-do list and this is taking a toll on your health and well-being.

People often say, “My business failed because I didn’t set the right goals,” or, “I didn’t have enough money,” or “I didn’t have the experience,” or “I wasn’t focused enough”, and so on. But, a business also fails because people don’t take care of themselves. The main reasons are:

Does this sound familiar to you? If you’re not able to be there for your business, who will?

It is known among those who succeed that personal growth breeds growth in anything else: business, relationships, conflict, etc. It is crucial that you thrive as an individual first. “The greatest wealth is health”, as said by the ancient Roman poet Virgil thousands of years ago. Nothing is more valuable in our life.

There are dozens of books and thousands of articles on WORK-LIFE balance, but no other book has approached LIFE-WORK balance before.

Live Life Fully goes against the current by offering a different perspective: Life-Work Balance instead of the familiar Work-Life Balance. We are human beings, not human doings. Shouldn’t we live first, then work? 

We need time to rest, to relax, to recharge. Our bodies and our brains perform better when they have the time to recharge and they are aligned. They should be considered as a system, not as two separate entities. Together, they are a powerful ally in our goal setting.

Learn how you can help during the campaign!

Are you ready to:

There’s much more than trying to find a few hours to relax and set boundaries between you and your clients. It all starts within your body and your brain.

Live Life Fully is for you if...

You are a high achiever as a small business owner, entrepreneur, solopreneur, mompreneur, executive, manager, freelancer

You have a hard time integrating your demanding full-time job with family, and you feel guilty for not always being there for them

You often lead a sedentary lifestyle, eat whatever is convenient, and ignore your health because you "just don't have the time"

You have a never-ending “to do” list and you multitask trying to keep up with your deadlines

You work long hours because you love what you do and you are constantly busy (but not very productive)

You can never find some “me” time for yourself and this creates even more frustration

Live Life Fully will guide you through a transformational journey. Together with my successful Life-Work Balance system, I will provide simple explanations and strategies borrowed from biochemistry, neuroscience (such as neuroplasticity and neurogenesis), and the fascinating field of epigenetics, which I have been using in my coaching practice to inspire and empower clients to live a vibrant life, a life of their dreams.

You will learn what happens in your body when you eat the right foods; what happens in your brain while you sleep; what mechanisms are involved when you jog; what chemicals are produced when you meditate, and more.

Each chapter will include inspirational quotes and powerful questions to inspire and motivate you to take action.

I will also introduce you to biohacking, which is the art and science of upgrading your body and brain through internal and external stimuli for a positive outcome. The goal here is to improve the quality of your life and even extend your life span.

But that’s not all…

Who is Miss Mocha?

Miss Mocha is my cat, and she will be my muse throughout the book. As such, you will be entertained and take away several a-ha moments that relate to how we, and cats, live our lives.

After living with several cats in my life, I noticed that cats have certain behaviors and routines that could be adopted to live a better life. Domesticated cats still maintain their characteristics and traits, they haven’t changed through centuries. We humans, on the other hand, are the most evolved and sophisticated species today, and we live a lifestyle that is very different from the ones of our ancestors.

Miss Mocha lets us not forget that we are still an animal species and we depend on our planet 100% for the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil that gives us the foods we eat, the sunlight that boosts immunity, and regulates our biological clock.

Our genes are still the same as our ancestors, and we should respect the basic needs of our body (nourishment, movement, rest) to allow it to do its job: keeping us healthy and thriving.

Rather than living like cavemen (I would never as you to do that, of course!), we could embrace many of our ancient behaviors and use them to our advantage for a better, more mindful and meaningful life. Cats are actually the perfect vehicle to teach us these great lessons when it comes to staying true to our nature and living life fully. Miss Mocha’s antics and sassy attitude will help you understand why we, as human beings, should pay more attention to our basic needs in order to live more energized, focused, positive, mindful, creative, productive, healthier, and happier.

About Me

I’m a certified Holistic Precision Life Coach with a specialty in Brain Wellness for busy professionals.

I helped hundreds of clients adopt a healthier lifestyle, rediscover themselves, their lives, and maximize their talents and skills in their businesses thanks to my signature system, Life-Work Balance. This is the same system that helped me overcome burnout and health issues that prevented me from achieving my personal and professional goals in my previous career.

My coaching style uses a holistic approach by focusing on my clients as a whole, and it’s completely customized: by exploring fresh perspectives and adopting new lifestyle habits, my clients are able to reignite their passions and purposes, and they achieve their goals better and faster thanks to improved nutrition, sleep, exercise, self-care, and stress management. These elements are all necessary for an optimized body and brain and they will lead to higher energy, focus, happiness, creativity, positivity, productivity, success in our modern society.

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