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I was introduced to live streaming thanks to Periscope in June 2015. Periscope is one of the latest and greatest live streaming apps that lets you interact with viewers from all over the world. Once you go live they can join and connect with you by typing questions and comments while they watch your broadcast. When they like what you say or present they tap their screen and give you hearts. This allows you to meet your fans and measure your audience’s feedback instantly, which is very cool!

Live streaming is becoming a very powerful tool for your business: if you haven’t incorporated live streaming into your marketing strategy yet you should start NOW. I was one of those people who never thought about using video or being in front of a camera (even though I used to work on TV back in the 80’s…). I was too shy, scared, and I didn’t really think it could benefit my business. However, I decided to take the courage and after experimenting with the app I slowly became an expert (OK, let’s say I became addicted to it!)

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Periscope Summit 2016

I have been using Periscope for over a year with incredible results. I was able to connect with my viewers in a very personal way by showing the real me, my authentic message. It allowed me to increase my visibility and as a consequence it opened a lot of doors in my career, landed clients, and now I share my knowledge and experience with all of you! By attending my workshops or signing up for my online trainings I will guide you through a step-by-step system that will let you gain confidence and promote your business successfully, regardless of the live streaming option you choose (Facebook Live, Busker,, etc.). We will also look at third-party encoders that allow you to broadcast in a more professional way.



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Great overview of Periscope

The presentation was a great overview of Periscope. Sabrina is a great orator! We will implement in the near future

Glenna Lovan
Assistant Marketing Manager / Cape Rey Carlsbad Resort

Excellent workshop

The training was very informative. Sabrina gives a lot of great nuggets

Eric Pierre
Managing Director / Bedrock Assurance




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She's the expert!

Sabrina is really good and you'll get TONS of info on the training. She assisted me even after the training, I emailed her LOTS of questions!

Chris Ellis

Live Streaming & Social Media

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