sabrina cadini speaker at Let's Plan COnference in Florida between July 18-19, 2017 talking about vendor relationships , business coach for wedding entrepreneurs planners and vendors community

I can’t wait to speak at Let’s Plan Conference, happening at the Bonaventure Resort & Spa in Weston, Florida on July 18-19.

Let’s Plan is a conference founded by Tawanda Sims, Athena DeVonne and Shavonya Nickole, three amazing and talented wedding professionals. They decided to create an inspiring conference where creative partners, corporate, wedding and event planners can learn. You will learn the fundamental principles to apply to your business to make it more profitable and efficient. Through education, exciting activities and networking opportunities, you will walk away with an action plan in hand and a support team to continue to guide you. This is not your average conference, this is an experience! You will encounter hands on details, live interactions and actionable information. Be ready to embrace a major transformation in your business!

Check out the lineup of speakers teaching everything you need to be a successful professional, from event design to branding, pricing, appropriate language, contracts, financial planning, timelines, dealing with emergencies, and more.

I will show you how to develop effective relationships with service providers, how to find the perfect matches for your clients, how to create your dream team when planning a successful wedding or event, and more. Join me, it will be a memorable event!

Register today on the Let’s Plan Conference website HERE and become a top professional in the industry.




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