I don't believe in
Work-Life Balance

I don’t believe the word “work” should ever be placed before the word “life”.

We are human beings before everything else, we are not human doings.

Modern life prioritizes work, being always on the run, and celebrates busyness. As a result, we tend to put ourselves last in our to-do list and it’s taking a toll on our health and well-being.

This is not good for our body, not good for our brain, and not good for our business. I found myself in that same situation years ago, and it wasn’t fun.

People always talk about the struggle to achieve work-life balance, and many suggest the term “work-life integration” because balance doesn’t really exist.

I get it, we’re all very busy and overwhelmed in our modern society. And I totally agree that trying to combine work with life doesn’t make sense. Either you focus on one or on the other, right?

Well, not really. Until you keep putting work and life on the same level, until you keep considering work and life as competing interests, you will never achieve balance. There’s more than finding a few hours for yourself to relax or setting boundaries with your clients. Everything starts within your body and your brain.

I believe in Life-Work Balance

When you prioritize YOU, you can achieve better and long-lasting results in life and in business.

“I’m a mom of two and I’m growing a new business. This leaves little time for myself.
Thanks to Sabrina, I was able to restructure my daily routine by working on new empowering beliefs and habits.
This allowed me to also realign with my passion and purpose, to bring more creative projects to life thanks to increased clarity, to increase serenity in my life, and to find extra time for me and my family, both in the morning and in the evening.
Her positive and enthusiastic communication style was refreshing and truly a blessing.”
Erika Vela
Startup Founder

Personal growth breeds growth in anything else

People often say, “My business failed because I didn’t set the right goals,” or, “I didn’t have enough money,” or, “I didn’t have the experience,” or, “I wasn’t focused enough”, and so on.

But a business also fails because they don’t take care of themselves:

  • They don’t fuel body and brain with the right nutrients (real food, that is – not processed or packaged meals rich in carbs and refined sugar)
  • They are sleep deprived (we recharge, detoxify, and heal our cells while we sleep)
  • They are leading a sedentary life (instead, exercise boosts your immune system, increases blood flow in your body and brain, and it produces hormones responsible for your happiness, positivity, creativity)
  • They don’t find the time to practice self-care (no, it’s not a luxury – it’s necessary for your physical and mental health)
  • They don’t recognize stress and burnout as dangerous threats to their health, and they let them take over day after day

If you’re not able to be there for your business, who will?

It is known among those who succeed that personal growth breeds growth in anything else: business, relationships, conflict, etc. It is crucial that you thrive as an individual first. “The greatest wealth is health”, as the ancient Roman poet Virgil said thousands of years ago. Nothing is more valuable in our life.

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