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COLORS! They inspire me.

I introduced coloring sessions to my mastermind group two weeks ago and it was a huge success! The group members gave me positive feedback saying that, during the coloring session, they were able to concentrate more on their challenges and their goals and achieve them better last week as part of their action steps.

So, today I’m introducing #ColorYourGoals, a new live streaming series on Periscope, and you can be part of the fun too!

How does it work? Very simple:

1) Fill out the form below

2) You will receive a free coloring page with a list of goal words every week. Download and print the page, and use it during the live broadcast (or during the replay if you’re not able to join us live)

3) Get pencils, markers, crayons, whatever you love to use to color and be creative!

4) Join me every Wednesday at 12pm PT / 3pm ET on Periscope @SabrinaCadini (via computer or from the mobile app). During the broadcast we will color live  while I will tell you everything about a color, how to use it, how to be inspired, how you can use it in your life and in your business, and how to set a goal for the week based on the attributes of that color. Sounds very cool, doesn’t it?

5) When you’re done coloring your page, you can share your creation in the closed Color Your Goals Facebook group and / or on your social media accounts. Tag me @SabrinaCadini and add the hashtag #ColorYourGoals so I can find the post and add my love / comment!

You know, color plays a very important part in our daily life, believe it or not. We’re surrounded by colors and they can influence our mood, our choices, our levels of motivation, our decisions in our personal and professional life.

You can use colors as part of your daily life and have fun with them! Or, you can use colors for your business and draw inspiration from them. There’s a whole strategy around color when it comes to advertising, sales and marketing because we get subconsciously influenced by colors. So, choosing the right colors in your business can have a huge effect on how you sell to your customers and clients.

So, make sure you sign up today and let’s start coloring together!