Harmony Hub - Holiday Edition

Elevate your Life-Work Balance with these curated wellness picks

Explore my collection of curated products and services – each one chosen with meticulous care to align with my holistic philosophy. From gadgets to state-of-the-art testing kits, rejuvenating self-care products, and more, every offering is a reflection of my personal experience and love for them, ensuring they meet the highest standards of safety and overall benefits.

Where indicated, enjoy exclusive discounts on select items, my way of supporting you on the path to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

The exciting part is that the list is always growing! Regularly check back for new additions. If there’s a specific product or service you’d like to see featured or if you have favorites to recommend, let me know! I’ll do my best to include them with special offers just for you.

As a special treat, I’m also offering an exclusive 10% discount on all my coaching programs – the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one seeking a transformative wellness journey.

Coaching Programs

Life-Work Balance

Optimize nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, self-care, and time to achieve your goals while you boost your well-being.

10% code: SABHOLLY (valid January 1-31/24)

Offer for new clients only

reGENErate your lifestyle

Master your productivity, performance, and wellness with customized habits based on your unique genetic makeup.

10% code: SABHOLLY (valid January 1-31/24)

Offer for new clients only

Reframe & Thrive

Learn your stress/anxiety/burnout triggers, reframe your response, build resilience, create your toolbox.

10% code: SABHOLLY (valid January 1-31/24)

Offer for new clients only

Infinity Plan

Get unstuck, reclaim your energy, and achieve your goals with outstanding results (month-by-month coaching).

10% code: SABHOLLY (valid January 1-31/24)

Offer for new clients only

Testing Kits

The DNA Company

Reach peak health by giving your body exactly what it needs based on your unique DNA.



RNA-based testing for gut, oral, and cellular health, with personalized recommendations.

10% Code: SABRINA110



Wearable neckband that changes your brain activity via ultra-low Radio Frequency Energy (ulRFE) waves and lets you choose from a variety of blends that enhance your sleep, work and play.

Walking Pad

Compact, foldable, and portable walking treadmill for home and office.

Red Light Therapy

Platinum LED Therapy Lights

Red light therapy to naturally promote faster healing, immune boosting, anti-aging, mood enhancement, muscle recovery, and more.

I’m using their BIOMAX light, and it comes in different sizes.

Blue Light Protection

RA Optics

Maxwell Sunset blue light blockers

RA Optics

Maxwell Daylight blue light blockers

EMF Protection

Defender Shield

EMF-shielding phone, laptop, and mobile device cases & accessories capable of blocking up to 99% of EMF radiation.

Nutritional Support

BEAM Minerals

Plant-based and bioavailable mineral fulvic and humic complexes in a liquid format for electrolyte and micronutrient support.

20% off code: SABRINA 

Good On Ya

The only certified organic and certified glyphosate-free electrolyte and mineral hydration powder in existence

Sunwarrior Protein

Raw, plant-based protein that is sustainably farmed and tested for purity.

Skin Care & Wellness


Magnesium lotion to soothe tired muscles and joints and promote restful sleep.


Queen of the Thrones

Castor Oil kit for better digestion, inflammation reduction, relaxation, and more.

10% Off Code: SABRINACADINI10 for orders $59 or more

Please be aware that I may earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my affiliate links. However, this doesn’t impact the price you pay; it simply reinforces my dedication to providing valuable recommendations based on products and services I genuinely use and love. It’s also worth mentioning that certain affiliate links are purely for tracking purposes, and no financial gain is associated with them.