Wedding Planner: Most stressful job?


CareerCast recently listed the most and least stressful jobs in 2016. Physical demands, perilous conditions and personal risk were all considered as major factors in the high stress level. Not surprisingly, “event coordinator” is in the list of most stressful jobs at number 5.

  1. Enlisted military personnel: 84.78
  2. Firefighter: 60.59
  3. Airline pilot: 60.46
  4. Police officer: 53.82
  5. Event coordinator: 49.93
  6. Public relations executive: 48.46
  7. Senior corporate executive: 47.46
  8. Broadcaster: 47.30
  9. Newspaper reporter: 46.76
  10. Taxi driver: 46.33

(The numbers next to each profession are stress scores)

Whether you plan social or corporate events or weddings, the stress level can be caused by having to successfully achieve wedding couples’ vision for their weddings or clients’ expectations for corporate events. We can be considered like professional jugglers while we fit their needs into a (sometimes unrealistic) budget, we make sure that all the details are coming together, we deal with family issues, and we orchestrate the event or wedding day so that it just goes smoothly. There’s never a dull moment during those long hours!

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Business News Daily added a list of the least stressful jobs:

  1. Information security analyst: 3.80
  2. Diagnostic medical sonographer: 4.00
  3. Tenured university professor: 6.94
  4. Hairstylist: 7.47
  5. Medical records technician: 7.55
  6. Medical laboratory technician: 8.98
  7. Jeweler: 9.10
  8. Audiologist: 9.30
  9. Dietician: 10.23
  10. Librarian: 10.58

All these sound great and definitely a perfect alternative if you just can’t handle the high stress of levels that we wedding professionals live with but…. would you ever change your perfectly stressful wedding planner job for one of the least stressful professions above? I wouldn’t… the satisfactions you get at the end of the night when your couple hugs you and tells you “I could have never done it without you, everything was perfect!” are priceless…

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