Are you telling your wedding couples to feed their vendors?


Have you read the blog post on Brides Magazine from a couple of weeks ago? The topic was “Which vendors do you have to feed at your wedding?” and the author (a planner in Washington, D.C.) listed who should be fed and who shouldn’t. She specifically talked about photographers (who should be taking pictures and don’t have the time to eat) and about band members (who should be performing during the reception instead of eating)… This surprised me A LOT! How can a wedding planner provide such advice on a national blog to brides and grooms who are planning their wedding? Photographers work long hours and musicians will need to be fed no matter how long they will be at the wedding. Thankfully, these vendors usually indicate the need of a hot meal in their contract but, if they don’t… Do you let your clients know about this?

The planner explained that “photographers should be taking pictures through the wedding dinner”. Well, I personally schedule vendor meals to be served when guests eat as well, and if there are two shooters they take turns so we always have one photographer at the reception area. She also explained that the “DJ or band should be playing music the entire time (band breaks shouldn’t be more than 15 minutes each, max… and there’s no time for a real meal then)”. When I work with a band I always have a green room for them where they can change and take breaks. There I have a buffet station so they can eat at their leisure (usually before their performance).

I’m a big advocate of teamwork, and I always take great care about the professionals who work with me on an event or a wedding. I would never have my vendors work without a meal at a wedding, unless they are not staying at the reception (this includes the florist, linen / rental provider, etc.). For hair and makeup artists this will depend on the bride’s needs: sometimes we keep a makeup artist and a hairstylist on site if outfit changes are planned throughout the reception, then we have a hot meal for them as well.

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The only exception to vendor meals is for 2-3 hour events such as social functions or small fundraisers. In that case vendors don’t need to be fed however, I always tell my client that it would be a nice touch to offer something to eat to the vendors.

You can read the post from Brides Magazine HERE – This is an archived copy of the post, the original post was apparently deleted from the website after several vendors complaints were received.

What is your opinion? Should vendors be fed? Do you tell your client to feed the vendors? Leave a comment below 🙂

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