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Do you ever offer wedding day add-ons to your couples? These are items that will finish the look of your couples’ weddings in addition to providing useful information or that special touch to their guests. If their stationery designer hasn’t included these pieces then you can come to the rescue and earn some extra income. Some examples? Keep reading…

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I have several sign templates that I can custom make for my couples and they just take a few minutes (they’re part of my rituals the night before the wedding). Most of the times my brides and grooms are very thankful and their reaction is: “Oh, that’s right! We didn’t even think about these signs!”

These signs can be displayed at the guest book or gift table so guests can see and read them as soon as they arrive.

VIP Seating – These signs allow the couple to reserve the first row or the first two rows of chairs (or pews) at the ceremony site for family members. Instead of having impersonal labels on the seats you can provide either small signs to tie to the chairs individually, or mini picture frames with a color-matching ribbon that you can place on the chair next to the aisle. They’re very inexpensive (you can just buy several types of frames and re-use them) and you can just charge a nominal fee to your clients. In some cases they will have special requests for the wording, then you can easily replace the paper insert.


“Unplugged wedding” – Many couples want their guests to turn off their cell phones during the ceremony and sometimes even their cameras. This is done so that guests can truly enjoy and participate in the ceremony without distracting the couple and the wedding party, and of course without interfering with the photographers or videographers taking pictures and shooting footage. You can print signs asking guests to respect the couple’s desire with colors that match the wedding and, if possible, the style / motif by incorporating elements used throughout the wedding. If you are using a monogram or a specific graphic that was used in the invitation always ask the designer for permission. I display these signs in picture frames that are 5″ x 7″ in size.


“Choose A Seat” – This is another popular choice at weddings. Couples are becoming less strict with their seating, no more sides for the bride and for the groom. 5″ x 7″ is a great size for this sign as well.


Instagram sign – More and more couples are creating custom hashtags for guests to share pictures on social media. I provide this sign with the assigned hashtag that will be displayed throughout the wedding. Again, always make sure that you match the wedding color palette or style.

Cocktail Hour

Signature Cocktail – If your couple is offering a signature drink then it’s always a great idea to print the information with the drink name (sometimes it’s customized for the couple), and ingredients



Restroom Amenity Baskets – A lot of planners don’t think about adding this service for their couples but guests love to be pampered at weddings! I provide baskets or containers with a personalized tag and ribbon filled with trial sizes of gums / mints and mouthwash, antacid, deodorant, hand cream, facial tissues, cotton swabs, emery boards, a mini sewing kit, hair pins, first aid kit with bandages and more.

The cost for each basket / box will depend on the number of guests expected to attend, and you should provide one for the ladies’ restroom and one for the gentlemen’s restroom. Always and replenish the baskets as needed during a reception (one of your assistants can be assigned to this task).

Table numbers / table names – If your couple has a limited budget or they have a small wedding and they are not planning on having table numbers printed by their designer, provide custom ones. They don’t have to be super fancy but they will definitely look much better than the ones provided by the wedding venue. I usually print custom table numbers matching the wedding color combination.
You can also have fun with custom table numbers such as the one pictured below. DIY instructions: Print the table number sign then put some glue on the number and sprinkle glitter on it. Shake, and done! It’s beautiful and it just takes a few minutes 🙂


Cake stands – Most of my wedding couples order a cake but they rarely consider a stand to elevate it on the table (which makes a huge difference). It’s your job to remind them to order a stand from the baker or maybe rent one. If they don’t know where to find cake stands you can provide recommendations. As an alternative, you can start collecting stands and rent them to your couples. I have a huge inventory because I style dessert tables and candy stations but you can just buy 5-6 different types and have them ready for your clients whenever needed.
DIY instructions for the cake stand below: Buy a 4″ high Styrofoam cake dummy (16″ diameter can work for many cake sizes), cover the side with a matching ribbon (use clothespins to keep it in place) and finish with a mirror top. That way, if the cake is smaller than the stand it will show the mirror top. Voila!


Dessert table – You know this is my specialty! I always provide a set of descriptive tags as well as a framed sign to display on the table (if the wedding stationery designer is not providing these items). You can be as creative as you want.


TAKE ACTION ~~~ Think about some great projects to enhance your couples’ experience. If you are creative and artistic you can design templates for VIP seating signs, table numbers and more. Once you have the templates ready it will be easy and quick for you to create the signs for your couples: you just need to match color or style and they’re ready to go!

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