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Last week I talked about different ways to create a unique hashtag for events and weddings (you can read the post HERE). Today I’ll give you some tips on how to promote your unique hashtag during the event or wedding. That way, guests will be encouraged to take pictures and share them on Instagram and other social media channels.

Welcome sign

As soon as guests arrive you could have a sign welcoming them and inviting them to share the joyful pictures on the internet with the assigned hashtag. Some ideas? Chalkboards, banners, mirrors. These can also be moved and used at different areas such as the guest book table, bar during cocktail hour or a lounge area during the reception.

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Menu cards

A couple of mine had menu cards printed with the food items and, at the bottom the card (tucked in their napkins) said: “Do you like what you are eating tonight? Share it with your friends on Instagram! #hashtag”

Bar area

This includes the bar sign, cocktail napkins, little flags on the straws or stirrers, or on the coasters. The bar area is one of the most social areas at a wedding or an event, and once your guests will have the napkin or the coasters in front of them they will start sharing the images online.

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Photo booth

You can place the hashtag on a sign and use it as a prop and strike a pose, or it could be part of the backdrop.


Another couple of mine used their personalized hashtag as a custom gobo projected on the dance floor.

Have the DJ announce it (and maybe run a contest)

One of my wedding couples did a contest at the reception. The guests who would post more pictures or videos from the wedding would win a table centerpiece. The arrangements were to die for so they had pretty much everybody posting and they were able to collect tons of photo candids from the wedding.

Social Media Wall

A social media wall is used to display a live feed of posts from platforms like Instagram or Twitter projected on a wall. The display will show all the posts related to the unique hashtag. This is very common at social events, less used for weddings (unless your wedding couples are very much into technology). It is a great conversation starter so I would suggest that you select an area at cocktail hour for the display. All you need is a social media wall software that can aggregate all the posts and a laptop with a projector and screen (or a blank wall).

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