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How to create a unique hashtag for events and weddings – Wedding Planning Success Lounge

unique hashtag for events and weddings

Social media is part of our daily life and guests will inevitably post the pictures they take at your clients’ weddings or events. One good way to make sure you can retrieve all the pictures after the event and make sure you don’t miss the posts is asking guests or attendees to use unique hashtags.
A hashtag is a type of label used on social networks which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content. In order to do so you place the hash character # in front of a word or a phrase with no spaces, and you add it to the text of a message (either in between or at the end). So then, searching for that specific hashtag will present each message that has been tagged with it.
I always suggest my social and corporate clients and wedding couples to create a unique hashtag for their event or wedding. That way, they can then take a look not only at the pictures that were posted but also at comments that were made for that specific event or celebration.

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The big secret is to generate a hashtag that is as unique as possible otherwise your content will not be easily trackable.

Here are a few tips to create an original hashtag.

  • First names of the wedding couple (or last names if both partners will keep theirs) – If you have common names that particular hashtag might be already taken, maybe you can use your middle names — #AlexisandWarren
  • Name of the event or an acronym (if it’s an annual conference you can update the hashtag every year with the corresponding number) — #SMMW17, #SMMW18
  • Numbers or even emojis — #Heart4Fashion
  • Nicknames (it gives your hashtag a personal touch) — #ForeverNatandBeb
  • Location of the event / wedding — #AHCMaui, #AnnandNickinLA
  • Combined names of the couple — #Bradgelina
  • Rhymes (easy to remember) — #CrazyForDaisy

You can also use a hashtag generator like the one from WeddingWire or from Wedding Hashtag Wall. You will enter your details and the generator will give you different options.

Before you decide on a favorite hashtag, do a little research to make sure that it has never been used or at least the results don’t show millions of other posts. For instance, don’t use the general hashtag #ourwedding because millions of images will come up when you search with that hashtag.

Once you have your own hashtag, capitalize each word so it’s easy to promote the event, to read on the sign you will make for the event, and easy to remember.

Next week we will take a look at ways to promote your specific hashtag at events or weddings.

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