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Happy 4th of July! What does independence mean to you?


If you’re living in the United States I hope you’re having a wonderful Fourth of July! Today we’re celebrating America’s independence however, what does independence mean specifically to you? Have you ever set aside some time to really work on your own independence?

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What comes to your mind when you think about “independence”?

  • Freedom of choice?
  • The ability to say “no”?
  • Financial freedom?

Are you able to make decisions that feel good to you despite what people tell you to do or not to do?

For me, independence is about control: being able to control my life, control my finances, control my priorities without having to depend on anybody else. This is possible only when you have a strategy, a system in place such as an “independence plan” that helps you create your path, set your goals and ultimately achieve them.

When I ask this question (“What does independence mean to you?”) to my coaching clients, several of them immediately think about being financially stable without having to ask their spouses or their parents, or borrow money. But they don’t take into consideration the journey to become financially independent, and that has nothing to do with money. It’s about knowing exactly what they want to do with their life. These are usually the people who always say “yes” to every request or every opportunity, they always go after many shiny objects without really knowing what works best for them, and the results are overwhelm, confusion, waste of time, lack of focus = no money in their pockets.

The desire of being financially independent and the lack of an “independence plan” in your life usually go together because, if you don’t know how to plan your life, you will never become financially stable.

It’s all about priorities, it’s all about focus, it’s all about being able to make things happen in your (personal and professional) life without waiting for other people to do it for you. Having the support of people around you is definitely key however, people sometimes get in the way and they bring negativity and false advice because they don’t want you to succeed after all. Has it ever happened to you? In our wedding industry specifically, we see so many jealous professionals who always criticize you, say bad things about you, or they hope you won’t succeed. When you feel this is happening around you, steer away and select the ones who define their own path like you. Together you will achieve your goals, you will find success and become independent in your life.

~~~ LEAVE A COMMENT ~~~ I would love to hear from you! What is “independence” for you and how did you (or will you) become independent?

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