How to improve e-mail communications

We all communicate via e-mail every single day, whether it’s answering to inquiries and leads, or interacting with current clients, or connecting with service providers. It’s a great way to stay connected and work together in real time however, it can lead to misunderstandings or hurt feelings. According to a survey by Sendmail, Inc. a few years ago revealed that “e-mail is the most likely to create resentment between senders and receivers” and also, “By being aware of your personality preferences and those of your colleagues, and adopting better e-mail etiquette, you can tailor communications for more productive interactions in the workplace.”

I couldn’t agree more. We need to be more respectful, more considerate and more careful about the e-mail messages we send out. One solution would be knowing the person you’re e-mailing to a little better and crafting a message that reflects her / his personality. And this is what I’d like to share with you today: a great tool for us entrepreneurs and business owners that I recently found while browsing the net: It’s called Crystal and it can be described as “your personal communication coach.” Crystal shows you the best way to communicate with your potential customers, current client, or team member based on their unique personality.

Once you create an account with Crystal, it asks you to take their free test (or DISC assessment) so that you can learn about your own personality and communication style.
Then, it asks you to invite your colleagues to take the same DISC assessment, and you can access their results and relationship reports.
Once you’re ready to use Crystal, you can add the Chrome Extension to predict anyone’s personality and learn their preferred communication style before you contact them.
The test asks you to select words that most describes you at work and words that least describes you at work.
Once you’re done answering all these questions you get a customized result.
I just signed up, took the test and got my results. I have to say, I was extremely impressed! Do you want to know how to communicate with me? Read below 🙂

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My Crystal DISC Assessment Results

Confidence: 95%
Sabrina is meticulously detail-oriented and appreciates formality, but likes to talk as well.

Sabrina’s Personality
When Sabrina feels comfortable, she is confident, insightful, and enjoys deep, detailed discussion. Sabrina might be introverted in high-pressure or formal environments.
It comes naturally to Sabrina to…
• Prioritize innovation and excitement above stability and security
• Be interested in psychology
• Bounce between topics in a conversation
Sabrina will probably avoid unpredictable situations unless it’s entirely necessary. She is well suited for roles that allow her to work independently, at a careful, methodical pace.
Sabrina is motivated by…
• Feeling accepted
• Group cooperation
• Positive verbal recognition

Sabrina probably won’t pay very much attention to competition. Big ideas interest her, as does working with people who have a casual, relaxed attitude, even in formal situations.
When speaking to Sabrina…
• Ask lots of questions to keep her attention
• Provide your reasoning before you get to the bottom line
• Switch up the subject to keep things interesting

When writing an email to Sabrina…
• Send lots of extra information (like links and attachments)
• Provide lots of detailed information and instructions
• Ask her something that will require a long and thoughtful response

~~~ TAKE ACTION ~~~ Sign up for your free account on Clarity and find out about your personality style

~~~ LEAVE A COMMENT ~~~ What do you think about Clarity? Will it help you with e-mail communications or not?

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