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Do you have a wedding presentation kit that you use for your client meetings? If not, have you ever thought about creating one?


It’s always good to have your packages or collections all together in an appealing document or booklet that you can give out at client meetings. This presentation kit should include everything that a wedding couple wants to know from you. Whether you design it yourself or you have a professional designer involved, always make sure it reflects your branding, your target market and your message. If you would like to present the entire package in a folder, make sure it is a personalized / branded one. Let’s take a look at the elements that you should keep in mind when creating your wedding presentation kit.

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This is the first thing that a potential client will see about you and your company, it should include your logo and at least one picture of your work. Adding an inspirational quote is also a great idea

Welcome Page

Explain in a few sentences what you can do for your clients and how you will provide solutions to their problems. This is the “About You” page (where “you” is your ideal client). Include pictures that show your target client, whether it’s the luxury market or the low-key, garden style celebrations. Try to be inclusive when it comes to same-sex weddings: by showing just a picture of a bride and a groom celebrating will turn gay and lesbian clients away

List of packages (or collections as I call them)

Here you will list a detailed list of services that you offer (day-of, month-of, full-service, design session, etc.). Be as detailed as possible, you might have “signature” services that other planners don’t include so the client will be more attracted to your offer when making a decision. If you are going with a traditional booklet / magazine design I would suggest that you list each package separately (one page for each) and maybe add more pictures to make it more attractive – Remember, wedding couples are very visual!

Extra Services

This is where you include products or services that you can provide in addition to planning such as invitations, favors, or (like in my case) candy station and dessert table styling. Again, try to list these services on separate pages with nice pictures to draw attention rather than a single page with a boring list of services that might get overlooked. If you are meeting with your potential clients and you run your presentation off your kit it will flow better if you have services on different pages and not all together

About Page

When you create this page always think about you as an individual, how you are different from other planners, what you like about your job and what you want to help your clients with. This is your “About Me” page (where “me” is you!), tell your story and explain why they should work with you.

How-To Articles

These are an excellent way for you to show how knowledgeable and experienced you are in your field. By adding free advice such as “Things to know when you select a professional wedding photographer” or “Differences between a venue manager and an independent wedding planner” you will educate your client and at the same time you will start creating a relationship with them. It will present you as an authority, they will start to like you and trust you therefore, they will be most likely to hire you for their wedding

Contact Info

This is the most important piece of information that goes into your wedding presentation kit. Always make sure you include your phone number, website, and social media platforms for clients to see your work online. If you received any certifications / awards feel free to add the corresponding badges on this page as well.


My personal suggestion is, don’t order a huge amount of wedding presentation kits up front; rather, order 25-100 every year because you will always have new pictures to use, maybe new contact information to add, and your packages might change. If you usually attend wedding expos, then you can order more since that would be a great marketing material to distribute when couple stop by at your booth. You can also leave some copies of your presentation kit with your most trusted vendors and venues where you usually work.

In addition to the physical booklet you can share the digital file online. This is very convenient when you receive an inquiry via e-mail and the couple would like to receive some information before they meet with you or, if the couple doesn’t live in your area. You can do so by sending an attachment or (this is what I prefer to do) send your client to an electronic publishing platform like Issuu that allows them to browse the file like a magazine or a catalog. It looks much better than an e-mail attachment and it can be viewed by anyone on the web.
The best thing to do in this case is to create a custom link that is related to your company and just use that in your email response. How to create a custom link? You have two options: Sign up on Bitly or on Rebrandly and customize any links you want. Both sites allow you to keep track how many times a specific link was clicked and more but I personally like Rebrandly better because you can create your own branded short links (mine is
You can also post your digital magazine on your website for easy access.

TAKE ACTION ~~~~ If you don’t have a wedding presentation kit in place or you just have a one-page sheet with your services, start working on a great-looking, fabulous booklet with amazing pictures of your work. Need help? Contact me and let’s make it happen!

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