Wedding Planning Success Lounge: Colleagues or competitors?


Colleagues or competitors? Friends or enemies? This is always a very common subject when it comes to wedding professionals working in the same city or area.

I hear both terms when planners and vendors talk about other professionals. I tend to use “colleague” more than “competitor” because “competitor” in my opinion sounds like a negative term, it defines someone who cannot get along with you and does anything possible to get the booking.

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Networking and engaging with colleagues is a great way to be inspired and to do better, raise the bar in our industry. Colleagues can help each other, refer each other if needed. It’s just like a friendship. We don’t have to offer the same services, or have the same style, we are all dedicated and passionate professionals who want to make our clients happy, who want to provide the best service possible. We can definitely work together in the same industry.

Think about this: What if you were the only planner in your area? You would probably get all the weddings happening there since there’s no “competition”. However, you would not be stimulated to improve your skills and qualities. On the other hand, if there are other professionals in your city who are extremely creative and they inspire you, your creativity will improve as well. Just don’t be a copycat: learn from others and create your signature style.

We can also refer each other with confidence. If you receive an inquiry and you’re already booked on that specific date, or maybe the client is not the right fit, will you leave the couple without choices or will you send them to a trusted planner that you know in the area? You want that couple to have a great experience and be satisfied, right? There’s enough work and enough need for services for all of us, we can’t plan all the weddings in our city by ourselves every single weekend!

In some cases planners team up with other colleagues to work on large weddings. I was asked to do it a few times and it was a fantastic experience. I felt honored to be chosen by those other planners because that meant they trusted me with their clients on the wedding day. My goal was to provide stellar service to those planners and make them shine in front of their clients. When they shine you shine, too. No competitors here, only professional planners joining forces for a successful event.

If you are new in the industry, connecting with other planners helps you grow and make experience. They’re considered as mentors and they can help with your continuing education. Those professionals who consider you as a “competitor” will never help others, will keep their practices for themselves, and ultimately they won’t leave a legacy.

If you consider other planners “competitors” just because they stole your client, think again… Why did they win the client? Was it because they charged less? Then maybe that was not supposed to be your client anyway. Remember, you have a value and you shouldn’t lower your prices just to get a client. The other planner who lowered her prices in order to win is still a colleague. She is just charging less than you and, if she has your same experience and knowledge, she is not doing any good to her business. Your clients are those who hire you for what you are worth. Make sure you educate your clients on what your value is, on what you can provide, on the problems you will solve for them.

LEAVE A COMMENT ~~~ What are your thoughts? Do you consider the planners in your area colleagues or competitors?

TAKE ACTION ~~~ Find other planners in your area that you don’t network with often, and invite them for coffee. Get to know them. Brainstorm for new ideas or ways to better serve your clients. Start referring each other where necessary.

WORK WITH ME ~~~ Are you starting out in the wedding industry? Congratulations! Schedule a Clarity Call with me HERE to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and let’s work together on an action plan for you to be successful!

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