sabrina cadini sharing guidelines on dress code for client meetings wedding business coach

#WeddingPreneurs Lounge: Dress code for client meetings

sabrina cadini sharing guidelines on dress code for client meetings wedding business coach


Attire is one of the signs that shows your professionalism. Believe it or not, many wedding professionals don’t pay too much attention to it and they make a mistake because your appearance is important. It’s a reflection of your brand.

When we talk about your first impression, attire is definitely a huge component that can get you the client (or not). And I’m not only talking about in-person meetings. You should look professional on any video call that you schedule with your potential and also your booked client. It shows that you care about them and you took the time to look professional.

A good thing or rule to keep in mind is, always dress as you want people to perceive you. You want to send a message with your look, not only with your words.

Of course, you should also match the style you specialize in and your client’s style. For instance, if you are known for outdoor, garden, rustic-style weddings or outdoor festivals, then you can definitely wear something like a nice floral dress. If you own a farm and you have horses on the property, the type of client who comes visit you to take a look at the venue is someone who loves that particular style so you can definitely welcome them with a hat and boots!

Today I’ll share general guidelines and you can add your own style and adjust accordingly.

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If you’re going to a first meeting or to an important decision-making meeting I always suggest wearing a suit. It can be a pant suit or skirt with a nice jacket. It doesn’t have to be matching, and you can definitely add your personality with colors, style, cut, etc. I usually wear dark colors: black or navy blue, or even brown. Very often I wear tops that match my brand colors: blush pink or ivory. You can do the same or just stay with a neutral palette so that it’s not too colorful or too flashy. You can definitely add some fun accents (or jooj to make it pop and make it unique, give that dash of personality) and you can do that by adding a statement necklace, earrings, or a colorful scarf. If it matches your client’s wedding palette or brand colors even better!

If it’s a follow-up meeting then I usually wear something less traditional or strict, maybe a dress or a skirt / pant with a shirt or a top. Colors are welcome here and you can express your personality with a more unique style or layers, for instance, as well as jewelry. Following fashion trends is OK but I wouldn’t go too crazy and definitely try to reflect your brand at all times. You don’t want to wear miniskirts if your clientele is traditional, or boring clothes if your clients are more on the artistic side.

You should always use your best judgment and, if your clients are more on the casual, low-key style, by all means you can definitely dress more relaxed. However, never wear flip-flops or something that doesn’t define you as their professional planner or vendor. Always wear something appropriate and clean, please! I’ve seen so many bakers meet for their cake tasking with stained aprons or welcoming them with dirty hands… That’s not a good representation of your business. Clean is the word!


Who doesn’t LOVE shoes??? When you pick the right one for your meetings always think what will be involved. If it’s just a meeting in your studio you can definitely wear some nice heels. If you’re doing a walk-through you should opt for comfortable shoes. Tennis shoes should only be used on the event day during setup (we will talk about attire during events and weddings next week).


I always stay on the lighter side and it’s definitely the best solution for daytime meetings.


They should always look clean and done, you don’t have to have nail polish necessarily but make sure they’re well-manicured.


Same thing for your hair: it should be washed, clean and done. If you don’t have the time to do your hair and you don’t feel it looks good, put it in a nice ponytail and finish with a beautiful ponytail holder. Again, show that you took the time to look professional in front of your client or vendor.


One thing that you should keep in control is the use of fragrance. Many people have allergies nowadays and it’s probably best to avoid wearing perfume when meeting people for the first time. And it’s definitely a no during menu or cake tasting because it could interfere with the taste and flavors of the food.

Next week we’ll be talking about attire and dress code when you are working on an event or at a wedding. Yes, there’s an etiquette for that as well and I will share what I always ask my assistants or interns to wear. Their appearance is a reflection of my brand, they represent me at the wedding or event and, for that reason, I need to be very careful with what they wear.

~~~ TAKE ACTION ~~~ Look in your closet and pick the best outfits for your next first meeting and for your next follow-up meeting, and for your next walk-through. Do these outfits represent your brand appropriately? Is there anything that you should change / remove / add?

~~~ LEAVE A COMMENT ~~~ Share your most favorite outfit for client meetings here! I’d love to see you wear it 🙂

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