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5 Marketing tips for Valentine’s Day

sabrina cadini weddingpreneurs lounge business entrepreneurs creatives business coach marketing valentine's day strategy freebies discounts lead magnet discount contest planning wedding couples

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, can you believe it?
Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular dates for marriage proposals. We sometimes get hired to organize a proposal and we make it happen from start to finish (vision, setting, vendors, etc.) The nice thing is that, after using our services for the marriage proposal, they hire us for their wedding. Sweet!

Are you prepared to market your services and products for Valentine’s Day?
Here are some ideas for us wedding entrepreneurs; these are tips that can benefit planners, photographers, caterers, florists, DJs, etc.

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Freebies, discounts or lead magnets

People love free stuff, don’t they? Well, we love it, too! It’s part of our human nature, I guess.
Offer something to couples who will hire you for their wedding. Keep in mind this should be something in addition to, not something to replace other services or products. For instance, if a couple hires you – a planner – for Month-Of you could throw in a set of boutonnieres for the groom and his groomsmen. In this case, you will team up with a floral designer and you will set a value for the set. You could say: Up to 5 boutonnieres for groom and wedding party up to 5 pieces. Value: $140. Adding the value can increase the chance for the couple to hire you because they will see how much money they can save on flowers by working with you.

Same thing for discounts. Create an irresistible offer like: Get a 10% off our products (or services) if you book between February 1-14. Or, you can keep the offer running for the entire month of February so you might attract those couples who got engaged on Valentine’s Day.

If you’re trying to increase your mailing list, you can offer a lead magnet. Put together a list of things to do (or tips) for planning a wedding, or the best first dance songs, whatever you might think will be useful to your potential clients. In order for them to get the list or resource they will have to give you their email address, and you can just add a form to fill out on your website for this. You can also add a link to the form on your e-mail signature: think about how many emails you will send you to couples inquiring about your services or product, right?


Very similar to the freebie offer since you will give them something for free (again, add something to your products or services, don’t just give them a freebie) but, in this case, you will ask your potential clients to engage in a fun activity. You could ask them to post their engagement picture and add their own caption, or you could ask them to post on social media explaining why they should win the contest and work with you.
You should create a branded hashtag that they will need to add to their post so that you can retrieve all of them and then select the winner. The winner selection can be random, or you will decide which story deserves to win. Not only that, but the branded hashtag can also allow you to track how many people shared and how much engagement you had during your Valentine’s Day campaign.

Be careful when running a contest on Facebook, and I’m afraid it will be the same on Instagram soon (since it’s owned by Facebook). As you probably heard, Facebook is making substantial changes to their News feed and they will penalize posts that are soliciting shares, likes, comments, and so on. They want to give priority to meaningful conversations and definitely bring Facebook back to its glory days when it was more like a social media platform and less like a marketer’s dream. I would suggest that you stick with Instagram and Twitter for contests at the moment.


Since I mentioned about a branded hashtag, it’s a great idea to create one that you can use on all of your social media posts and create consistency. Try to create one that is relevant to the time of the year (Valentine’s Day) and to your company so it acts as a complementary element of your campaign.
Examples: #BeMyValentineCouple, #ValentineWithMary (if that’s your name, or include your company name), #ForeverLoveCouple, Just don’t create a super long hashtag or a hashtag that is difficult to read. Do some research, make sure it’s a unique hashtag and it’s easy to remember. Oh, and you can add emojis ❤️😜💌💍

Blog and social media

Show your expertise and inspire your potential clients with themed images on social media. You could post pictures with a red and gold or red and silver theme, for instance, for the next two weeks. You will put your followers in a Valentine’s Day mood!
You could also post every day starting on February 1 and every day you could share a great tip about wedding planning, or even a quick guide on how to propose on Valentine’s Day.
When you show your expertise you will start attracting the right audience and you might get some new clients in the next couple of weeks, right in time for engagement season!

You can also showcase your services and / or products if they are relevant to the campaign. For instance, if you own a bakery or a favor company, you could post an image of your beautiful creations every day and say something like: Wouldn’t you love this cake for your wedding reception? Find out how… And then you will send them to your blog post where you explain what to ask a baker when choosing a cake. You could post a sample of a proposal cake… I’m sure you can come up with something related to your company, your brand.

Another option would be to share fun facts about Valentine’s Day. Every day you will take your followers though a journey with different stories, information, resources, and more. Just think about your ideal client and what she or he would like to read and to discover on your social media accounts.

Start planning today

If you want to have a successful campaign you need to work on different elements: creative ideas, a compelling story, appealing images, the right copy, the best offer, and so on. If you wait until the last minute you won’t have enough time to create a winning strategy, you won’t be able to gather the information you want and you won’t attract your client in the right way.
Start planning today and think about your campaign from start to finish, including the type of offer, the form for couples to fill out on your website, your email sequence to be sent out as soon as they sign up, your collaboration with other professionals if you’re offering free items, and all the resources you will share for blog posts and social media posts during your campaign.

Need ideas for your Valentine’s Day campaign? Let’s chat! Schedule your FREE Clarity Call today HERE

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