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Life-Work Balance – Ep. 13: Don’t overcommit

sabrina cadini life-work balance overcommit multitasking business coach entrepreneurs creativesYou always want to dedicate some time to yourself, you want to have some “me” time, right? But how many times do you tell yourself: “I’ll take some time off tomorrow, because now I have to call back this client, I have to send this proposal, I have to work on this budget, I have to fix dinner for the family, it’s very important.”

You are very important, too. Maybe you should think about spending less time on Facebook and take a break dedicating 15-30 minutes or 1-2-3 hours to yourself. It doesn’t matter what you do, just spend some time with yourself, friends, family, but make sure you are there 100%, not only with your presence but also with your mind.

Have you noticed that we tend to fit everything in our busy day? We try to do everything we can, we say yes to everybody because we don’t want to miss an occasion, an experience, disappoint someone. Of course we only have 24 hours in a day so, what happens? We have to catch up on everything because we’ll be late for this and for that, and maybe we need to re-schedule something else because we didn’t have the time. Oh, and we need to sleep a few hours, too. Right?

Well, this has to stop. You should be able to schedule your me time into your busy schedule, and that should be non-negotiable like your business meetings. You must not cancel that appointment with yourself, it is extremely important.

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I think the main problem here is over-commitment and multi-tasking however, you have to focus if you want to really utilize the time you have available in the best way possible.
I used to be the ultimate multi-tasker and I would never achieve anything. I would write, call, check emails, read social media updates at the same time, and at the end of the day I still needed to work on many other things because they were still undone. But, when I started to work on priorities, one at a time, everything changed.

Watch my Periscope broadcast below and learn how to avoid over-commitment, multi-tasking, and stressing out. You want to feel satisfied, not frustrated.

I also shared my app of the week: Calm if you want to reduce stress and increase clarity. You can learn how to meditate with different sessions to choose from: each has a topic such as managing stress, happiness, gratitude, kindness, mindfulness, and more. You can engage in breathing exercises, you can hear calming music or nature sounds, and they also have Sleep Stories that help you sleep better

If you need guidance on how to achieve a life-work balance, let’s chat! Schedule your FREE Clarity Call HERE

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