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Sleep more to achieve more in your daily life

“If you think one third of your life that you spend sleeping is unproductive, think again … Sleep is responsible for how energetic, focused, and successful the other two thirds of your life are”

It seems counterintuitive, but it works. If you want to achieve more in life, you should sleep more.

“Sleep 30 minutes more” was the task for Day 25 of my Love Yourself More Challenge today.

This might be almost impossible considering our busy to-do list during the day, we always seem to sacrifice sleep for other priorities.

In the video that explained today’s task, I suggested that the participants go to bed half an hour earlier to give their body (and their brain) some extra rest, some extra peace after a long day. To stay in that moment of bliss and peace. And to thank themselves for giving their body and mind 30 more minutes of calm and quiet. This quiet time every night might eventually start a healthy habit for improved well-being.

We all depend on our sleep-wake cycle which is called circadian rhythm, and this internal clock allows us to produce and regulate different hormones in addition to our sleep hormones (such as melatonin), and our awake hormones (such as cortisol, also called stress hormone). When you go to bed earlier than usual, you’re disrupting your circadian rhythm, and you might not get the results you want at first. But, if you create a habit of sleeping at least 7 hours per night, your body will get used to it little by little, and it will thank you forever.

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I’ve always been fascinated by sleep, and after learning more and more about it, I’m completely obsessed!

Do you know that sleep is not only a resting phase but also a regenerative state? Most of my clients don’t know about it. During sleep, our brain goes through a cleaning process removing toxins that build up while we are awake.
If you don’t allow your brain to go through that detox or cleaning process during the night, you will wake up and experience brain fog. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. I used to feel that way basically every morning after sleeping about 4 hours a night. I know, crazy! At the time I considered sleep a waste of time in my busy schedule.

Sleep deprivation is a huge problem in our society, and it can lead to dangerous consequences in the long run. It increases your stress levels, your immune system gets weaker and you are more prone to getting sick, it increases the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, depression, and more.

It sucks to think that we sleep for one third of our lives (calculating 8 hours a day), but remember this: sleep is responsible for the other two thirds of our life. I think that says it all. Never underestimate the importance of sleep, and start going to bed a little earlier tonight.


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