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It’s National Day of Unplugging, will you join me?

Happy March!

Today at sundown people all over the world are encouraged to take a 24-hour digital detox as part of #NationalDayOfUnplugging. I think this is perfect timing for me to share some thoughts while I’m reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport (and a full blog post will follow).

I’ve always been a fan of Newport’s work, and this might be surprising to you because he’s against digital media just for the sake of it, while I love it and I’m forever grateful for the beautiful relationships I created thanks to it.

In his latest book (that I highly recommend), Newport goes deep in explaining the reasons why the new technology is reducing our offline connections, is eliminating our need of solitude to develop our thoughts and needs as human beings, and is endangering our well-being, mentally and physically. He also suggests ways to digitally declutter and use only those tools that we consider useful and safe for our daily life (and sanity).

I have to agree completely with Newport: the use of social media is making us more and more dependent on the latest app or the latest tool, FOMO is always the first one to welcome us in the morning and to kiss us goodnight when we’re ready for bed.

Since I have been coaching professionals on the importance of Life-Work Balance, I realized this “madness” had to stop starting with me. No more daily posts to stay connected with my tribe, that would only add to my overwhelm and clutter my clients’ timelines. I reduced my time on social media last year, and I was able to breathe again, to notice life and beauty around me, to invest in quality time, to elevate my brand, and to live with purpose instead of following other people’s paths.  I now feel free, and I fully embrace JOMO.

No need to panic … I will never leave social media because it’s my window to the world personally and professionally, and also because I started so many beautiful friendships that I will cherish forever (you know who you are!)

However, starting today I would like to invite you to be more mindful about the minutes or hours you spend glued to your phone checking notifications and posts, or complaining about those algorithms that hide your friends’ pictures.

There’s much more in life that needs your attention and awesomeness!

I will observe National Day Of Unplugging tomorrow and I will enjoy every single minute of it.

Will you join me?

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