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More is lost by indecision

“More is lost by indecision than by wrong decisions” ~Chad Kirchner

I heard this powerful sentence while meditating with the Insight Timer app last weekend, and it resonated a lot with me.

I remember being in the same exact situation many times, and I still am in some cases. I hesitate. Too often. Too long. And when I’m ready to make a decision the opportunity has gone. Sorry, too late. I then start blaming myself for waiting too long, for thinking too much, for being unable to see in front of me and to know what I should have done instead of waiting for some signs.

I also remember taking some decisions that seemed right at the time, but then revealed themselves completely wrong or misaligned with my goals. I started blaming myself again, but then I realized that these experiences would only make me stronger and show the right path in my journey. Surprisingly, I was less harsh with myself when I was wrong than when I was hesitant.

Do you find yourself in the same situation? If so, what do you do when you don’t know which direction to take? Or when you do something wrong?

And, is it harder to make decisions in your personal life or in your business? I am more determined and intentional in my personal life. I am clear on my purpose and on my path, but sometimes I have a hard time to get unstuck in my business. I’m afraid that the wrong move could hurt me, my brand, my reputation, my success.

One thing is for sure. When you are hesitant in regard to your personal choices when it comes to taking care of yourself, you do a disservice to your personal life and to your brand. Never think about putting life and work on the same level, never find yourself to choose between one or the other. Life always comes first, then work can get done.

Don’t make the wrong decision to treat life and work as competing interests in your daily life. Honor yourself first, and everything will fall into place in your business.

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