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How about loving our planet (and each other) every day?

Happy Earth Day! This is a happy day for our planet because many dedicate time and attention to good causes, to the environment, to the animal species, and to nature.

What really surprises me every year, though, is that everybody talks about making Earth a better place on Earth Day, but after that everything goes back to normal. Many go back to their life wasting energy, trashing irresponsibly, and really not caring about the future of our planet.

We hear about global warming, endangered species, pollution, glaciers melting at an alarming rate, deforestation, yet we feel those issues are not that important in our life. However, animals going extinct or changes in temperature can have a huge impact on our daily life.

I please ask you, don’t just plant a tree on Earth Day because “it’s a good thing to do” and be disrespectful of Mother Earth on the other 364 days of the year. Be more mindful, understand how climate change works, pay attention to environmental issues, help end pollution, be more educated so that you can make more educated choices. Learn how you can make a difference. Every day. It doesn’t take much. Just love our planet (and each other) every day as you love yourself. A little more respect for the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil that gives us the food we eat, doesn’t hurt. Respect should be present every day.

We may be a very sophisticated species, yet we as the human race are still animals and we depend on our ecosystem more than we think. We cannot survive if nature is not working in the way it’s supposed to. We can’t disrupt that delicate balance if we want our future generations to live and thrive.

A good place to start is the Earth Day Network with different resources and information that you can use to help and contribute, whether it’s awareness or events, campaigns, and action plans.

Another place to look is Project Drawdown, the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming founded by Paul Hawken. We hear about the terrible consequences of global warming, and we need to take control of the situation ASAP. As the site states, “The decisions we take at all levels of society impact our future on this planet.”

It’s never too late to join forces and do something for the planet that gives us life. Let’s start today!

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