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You are never too old to …

You are never too old to start, embrace, try new habits, ideas, dreams that can improve or transform your life.

We usually think there’s always a right time for everything. But, what if you started a new chapter of your life today? Something that you always thought would be for others? For younger people? For dreamers? For adventurous ones? What if you tried something new, and you succeeded? Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Or maybe, what if you decided to abandon a habit that doesn’t serve you well? What if you could dedicate more time to yourself? How about leaving your phone in another room while you spend some time with your thoughts, focusing on your work, enjoying life with family and friends? That’s what I call quality of life. Fully engaging in one thing at a time creates better, more meaningful experiences and long-lasting memories.

A restaurant in New York City, Hearth, invites patrons to put their phones away while dining there. There’s a box on each table that says “Open me”, and inside a note reads: “We’d like to invite you to unplug during your meal here at Hearth. Feel free to use this box, put your phone away, and connect with your fellow diners.

Have you ever noticed how a meal without checking your phone can become an experience? Why don’t you start noticing today?

You are never too old to change and improve your life!

What would you like to work on today?

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