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Things change, and that’s good!

Things change … I am ready for something better every day.

Most often, people are scared of change in their life. Reasons are multiple: fear of not being able to handle the new change, fear of worsening a particular situation, fear of failure, fear of rejection. Even fear of success. Does any of these relate to you?

There’s also our subconscious mind which always keeps us on the safe side, and it provides resistance to change. It wants us to stay on the familiar path, that path that we know and we got used to. This is why it’s always very difficult to create (and maintain) a new habit in our life. It takes a long time because we have to go against our thoughts and our beliefs.

But when we decide to embrace change, isn’t it amazing?

Don’t you feel alive?

Don’t you feel in control when you take a new and different direction?

You just need to shift your mindset: instead of dreading change because you see it as a negative thing, welcome it with open arms and get inspired because it is a positive change. Change can improve the quality of your life, it can bring clarity and abundance, it can bring your vision to a higher level, it can make you a better person. The person that you always wanted to be but you never dared to change.

Change is good. Change is necessary. Change is living your life like you want to.

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