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Take the time to reset your mind, body, and soul

Sorry for the absence, guys! I haven’t posted for a week on social media (did you notice?) I was active on the different platforms and I was checking my updates on a regular basis, but I took a little break from the creation process. Last week was all about living the present moments without interruptions, nothing to take pictures of, nothing to write about, nothing to obsess about. Daily life. Daily moments. That was it. It felt so refreshing and regenerating!

Removing one small thing from your to-do list can make a huge difference, and it can give you the ability to notice other things on your path that you don’t normally pay attention to. I was able to spend more time in nature, to meditate a little more, to work on a new project, to reorganize some areas in the house, and to reconnect with an old friend.

My posting schedule (which usually takes me about 1-2 hours for the entire week) actually created a few hours in the week for all those things! This is because, even if you have one hour set for a specific activity, you may find yourself thinking about it multiple times throughout the day. That’s what I do when it comes to my social media posts. I brainstorm a lot before sitting down and working on my posting schedule: “What can I talk about? “, “What can I share this week?”, “What can I focus on?”, “Should this experience be shared with my followers?”, “What about changing the perspective for this post?”, “Should I take a picture of what I’m doing right now?”… The list of questions in my thoughts could go on and on. Instead, last week I took the time to reset my mind, body, and soul, and to just breathe in the beauty of daily life around me. No pressures, no rush. And it felt sooo good!

What do you do when you feel the need to reset?

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