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I am evolving and growing every day

I am enough evolving and growing every day.

I never really liked the phrase “I am enough.” I feel it is limiting, it is putting a stop to my dreams, to my intentions, to my purpose.

I can be enough in this moment but I don’t want to settle. I want to move forward. I want to evolve. I want to grow. I want to see my dreams and goals come to life and become a reality. I can be more than enough!

I do this without any stress or pressure in my daily life. I don’t feel I have to be better, to do better. It doesn’t come as a result of “comparisonitis” (comparing myself to others) or as a result of noticing my flaws and weaknesses and I have to do something to hide or get rid of them.

It’s something that I do for myself and for others because I want to, it gives me excitement. It keeps me in motion, it keeps me alive, it gives me a purpose.

It’s not “I have to work on a better version of myself.” I just ask myself this question: “How can I improve who I am and what I do?” It’s a way to motivate myself, to work for my future, to achieve new goals. I create flow, I create momentum for bigger things in life. More achievements, more satisfaction, more opportunities.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel you are enough or are you constantly in motion creating a magnificent future for yourself and for others?

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