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What was a habit that took you forever to embrace?

It takes up to two and a half months to add or change habits.

What was a habit that took you forever to embrace?

It’s very common to have a hard time creating (or replacing) a new habit. I used to have a hard time, too.

I felt it was just me resisting and using excuses to postpone or procrastinate. You know, that feeling of unfamiliarity, that feeling of indecisiveness, maybe even fear, and the result that comes with it: “Tomorrow”. This used to be my favorite conclusion: “Tomorrow I’ll think about it”, “Tomorrow I’ll work on it”, with the hope that something else would keep me busy so that I wouldn’t have to spend precious time to create (or replace) a new habit or behavior in my daily life.

But then, I started to look at the brain in a different way. I’ve always been fascinated by the way our mind directs our life, how our thoughts influence our life, and how it’s difficult to change. I’ve been studying the brain for years, and I learned that our subconscious mind houses more negative thoughts than positive ones. That makes so much sense! No wonder we are always struggling 🙂

So I decided to work with my brain, and use it to become the best version of myself. I started to take great care of it by eating the right foods for me, by sleeping enough hours so that it could rest and regenerate its cells, and by exercising regularly so that it could benefit from the increased blood flow and the good hormones being released. I also started to give time to my brain, to take time off from my hectic schedule, so that it would reset and be even more productive. Needless to say, my brain became my ally.

That’s how I help my clients reach their goals by working on their habits. We work on their well-being, and we take small steps, attainable ones, one by one.

One of the hardest habits to incorporate into my life was meditation. I knew I wanted to try, but it was very hard at the beginning. I would always find an excuse to skip the time to meditate (because I didn’t have the time), until I realized that I was sabotaging my life and my happiness.

When I started focusing on the possible outcome and the advantages, and how it would benefit my life, everything changed. I became consistent, dedicated, grateful for giving that time to myself. This daily practice opened the doors to many new opportunities, I started looking at my day in a completely different way, and I found more time. Yes, by adding meditation to my morning routine allowed me to find more time during the day because I was more aware, more present, and more focused on everything that I was doing. That focus shortened my work time and made me more productive.

It took me about two months to really understand how powerful meditation was, and today I could never think about letting it go. It’s the best way to start my day.

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