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What would you do with an extra hour every day?

Imagine you have an extra hour for yourself every day. What would you do with it?

Have you ever thought, “I would love to be able to buy more hours in my day so I can do this and that”? I have. Many times! And the more I was hoping to find some extra time here and there, the more I was falling behind with my tasks and to-dos.


Because stress and overwhelm were blocking me from thinking clearly. I was focusing on the time I didn’t have rather than on the time I could use more wisely and strategically.

A few years ago I realized that the way I was thinking (and operating) was detrimental to my life and to my health. It took me a while to change that vicious cycle but, little by little, I was able to see the good side and the advantages of my 24 hours. I had so much time I could use!

Getting rid of unnecessary tasks was the first thing I focused on, I became more “selective” with my time. I paid attention to the priorities, and I mean my personal priorities. I became the focus. Then my business.

What if I had one extra hour in my daily life? I’m a big proponent of habits, they can change and transform your life (in a good or bad way, of course – It’s up to you how you want to live, thrive, and succeed).

I would do more of what I already do (and love!) in my 24-hour day: meditate more and write more.

Meditate more

The more I meditate, the more I become positive, thankful, productive, creative.

More and more research is also showing that meditation offers benefits beyond “relaxing and being more aware and mindful”. A consistent meditation practice increases gray matter in the hippocampus, which is involved in learning, memory storage and retrieval, and emotional regulation. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Write more

My mind is in constant motion, always creating ideas, thoughts, and sometimes I have a hard time to organize them all. I noticed that, when I write them down, I’m able to give my mind a little breather and I can process all of my ideas and thoughts better.

I also write down my meditation affirmations each morning, and it works wonders. I usually memorize them and repeat them throughout the day when I’m on a “mindfulness” break, it’s the perfect way to recharge myself.

What would you do with your extra hour?

Most importantly, would you be able to find an extra hour in your 24-hour day without “buying” an extra one? If you need help with that, let’s chat! Schedule your FREE Clarity Call with me HERE today

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