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Try slowing down

“For fast-acting relief, try slowing down” ~Lily Tomlin

How can we ever slow down in this fast-paced life? If we slow down we will get behind, we will lose momentum, our competitors will steal our clients, we will suffer from FOMO … The horror of slowing down! Never!

Does this sound familiar? It did to me until a few years ago. Then I realized that this daily routine was stressing me out, even if I had an impeccable time management strategy in place.

I was extremely organized and I was able to accomplish my goals (almost) every day, but the thought of being on the run as soon as I was waking up in the morning until the moment I went to bed in the night was preventing me from enjoying life. Not only that, the overwhelm was preventing me from being clear and productive, and it would take me longer to achieve anything.

One day I asked myself, “Is all this really worth it?” The answer was no. I was ruining my life just because I was chasing dreams and goals without looking around me. I was looking at the destination without enjoying the journey. All of a sudden, part of my life was gone without even realizing it.

Now I focus on what matters most to me, and I pay attention to the details, the moments that make this journey memorable. I want to remember everything I did, the people I met, the places I saw, and how I made others around me happy.

Next time you feel like life is passing you by, try slowing down. Take the time to breathe and look around. Do it for one minute. It won’t waste your precious time but it will reset everything, and life will smile at you.

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