sabrina cadini solving your clients problems wedding planning success lounge weddingpreneurs

Wedding Planning Success Lounge: Solving your clients’ problems

sabrina cadini solving your clients problems wedding planning success lounge weddingpreneurs

As event planners, we provide memorable experiences to our clients by creating a vision, suggesting ideas, keeping the budget on track, putting together all the details, and coordinating the event on site. I’m sure you agree with me that we are problem solvers regardless of our job or specialty. Our clients come to us because they want to put together an event (or get married) but they don’t know how to do it. They turn to us because we’re the professionals who have been doing this for many years and they can count on our expertise.

Talking about weddings in particular, couples are under a lot of pressure for many reasons: family dynamics, budget, lack of time during the planning, etc.
Our job is to figure out not only their vision, the colors, the vendors, how to use their finances in the best way, how to help them save time on research and meetings. We’re there to offer support psychologically, assisting with divorced parents who are fighting with each other, making sure everything is under control, reassuring them that everything will be wonderful.

You know very well what goes on between a couple during the planning, and I’ll share about a card that one of my grooms wrote to his wife-to-be on the morning of their wedding. Their planning was very challenging: they would fight over the bride’s family, the mother of the bride would fight with her daughter over colors and seating arrangements. I was in the middle and I had to intervene several times by talking to the mother and asking her to support her daughter instead of creating obstacles.
The card was delivered to the bride with a beautiful gift for her. The card said something like this: “Here we are, it’s our wedding day… After all the planning, all the stress, all the tears, and all the fights we are here getting married to each other, and that’s the most important thing”
It truly is, and I always tell my clients: just focus on what’s important for the two of you: getting married to each other. Leave the event production to me!

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How can you solve your clients’ problems and make their wedding day the most memorable one?

Get to know your client very well by listening

When I meet with a couple for the first time we go over a lot of questions about them, their style, their preferences, what they like to do together. I want to get a good idea of who they are and what they like. That way, I can solve their problems better. By the way, you can get my Wedding Questionnaire HERE.
Why do I do this? In order to solve their problems, you need to get to know your couples very well, you have to know about the issues they are facing, and act in their best interest. Listen more to them and to their needs, their expectations

Provide outstanding customer service

Undivided attention is my style – I’m all about quality, not quantity. That’s why I don’t take more than 15-20 weddings a year because I want to have enough time to dedicate to each of my clients. We can only deal with a certain number of weddings, if you take too many you won’t be able to solve your clients’ challenges in a timely manner and in a satisfactory way. And If your clients won’t be happy about your performance they won’t be willing to refer you to their friends in the future.
Also, don’t answer your phone while you’re meeting with a client, that time is for them (again, undivided attention). It’s not professional and it sends a message that you don’t really care about them.

Have a positive attitude and use positive terms

For instance, don’t use the word “problem”, it usually generates a block, stress and fear. Instead, use “challenge” where you can present the issue and have a solution ready. Whenever there’s a problem make sure you have a solution ready, be proactive, show you have alternatives thanks to your experience. Let’s pretend that the floral designer doesn’t have the flowers that the bride really wanted for her bouquet. Due to weather conditions, the floral shipment didn’t arrive in time. OK, fine: discuss with the floral designer and suggest a different flower because it comes in a beautiful shade that matches the linen color for the reception. Your client will thank you for finding a great solution!

Leave your problems at home!

This includes family or business issues. For instance, you don’t have a baby sitter for your kids… What do you do? You bring your kid to the walk-through with your wedding couple. Please don’t do it! Ever. You should be organized with child care or babysitting. Your clients don’t care about your problems or your personal life. They already have their own challenges, why should they care about yours?

If you follow these tips and you really invest your time and effort in every single wedding, one at a time, your clients will respect you more. They will see you as a professional, and be happier to pay for your services. And, they will rave about you among friends and family!

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