sabrina cadini monday moves me motivation sometimes win lose always learn wedding business coach

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you will always learn

sabrina cadini monday moves me motivation sometimes win lose always learn wedding business coach

I posted this motivational quote on my Instagram account today and it received great comments. It’s been one of my most popular posts so far and I just wanted to discuss this with you.
I think learning from your experiences is key because it shows you the right path, the right direction, not only in your personal life but also in your professional life. Actually, learning from your own mistakes is very powerful and useful. You will fail and then succeed, and once you grow you become better and you can teach and inspire others. This is what I do with my clients when I coach them because I’ve been in the same situation in the past and after I tried and failed I found the right way to succeed.

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Think about these two situations:

A) Ambitious business owner who wants to do better and increase the business, aims to higher goals, tries different things, fails, tries again, then succeeds

B) Content business owner who is OK with clients and earnings, doesn’t think things should change, not interested in seeing the business expand or getting better, does nothing, clients eventually leave or forget about the business owner, business shrinks and ultimately closes down.

Being “content” doesn’t really appeal to me, I’m not able to settle for an OK situation. I want more, not only for myself or for my business but also for my clients, my family, my friends. Don’t ever stop trying, always keep growing.

~~~ LEAVE A COMMENT ~~~ Which one are you – A or B?

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