sabrina cadini cyber monday 2017 branding blueprint 50% off business productivity coach entrepreneurs weddingpreneurs

Cyber Monday is here! Branding Blueprint at 50% off

sabrina cadini cyber monday branding blueprint 50% off business productivity coach entrepreneurs weddingpreneurs

It’s time for Cyber Monday, and this is the last chance to take advantage of my best deal of the season 🙂

Don’t miss today’s special offer: Branding Blueprint at 50% off!

What does your brand say about you?

Is it helping or hurting your business?

Does it represent you well?

Does it represent you at all?

Today it’s more important than ever to stand out and be recognized for something unique, something that only you have. When you have a brand that attracts your ideal client, half of the work is done.

I work with a lot of clients who are starting a business and they’re struggling with the concept of brand. They know they need to create a unique message and a unique image that will be their introduction to the world. It will be the way they say hi to prospects and connect with them. It’s how they will be perceived by their clients. It’s how they will make their money (or not).

Very often people don’t really know where to start from when creating their brand. They think a logo and a website is the right way to go. Well, it’s MUCH MORE than that, it involves your personal and professional reputation, it is about you, about your ideal clients, their emotions, about your industry recognition. You become your brand, so it’s extremely important that your brand aligns with you and what you offer. It takes a lot of brainstorming and a clear strategy. If you don’t have a brand that stands out or a brand that doesn’t represent you well (or it doesn’t represent you at all) chances are, you won’t succeed.

Are you ready to create an irresistible brand? Let’s work together! My Branding Blueprint will help you identify your unique message, be authentic and, as a result, be more successful and profitable.

The Branding Blueprint is a 2-hour, one-on-one video training with four modules where I will help you create a brand from scratch or to rebrand if your business is going through some changes.

The training is divided in four modules:

1. Brainstorming session to discover and create your unique style and message (How do you want to be known for? What makes you unique?)

2. Brand personality to create your unique style (including colors, fonts, brand elements, name, social media accounts, etc.)

3. Brand photo shoot (Tips for attire, makeup and tips, and image style for different uses such as print, book cover, marketing materials, etc.)

4. Offline and online presence for a consistent and amplified brand recognition

You can find a complete description for this special offer IN MY SHOP.

And that’s not all! When you buy the Branding Blueprint you will receive a FREE E-BOOK: “100 Fabulous Ideas To Attract Your Target Audience on Social Media & Live Streaming”

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Hurry, this offer is valid until this Thursday, November 30, 2017!

Interested in working with me for the Ultimate Branding Blueprint? Contact me HERE, more details are coming soon.


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