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I am included in the Live Streaming & Digital Media Predictions for 2019

I was honored to be included in Ross Brand’s 4th Live Streaming and Digital Media Predictions for 2019. 105 experts in the industry shared their insights and what they think the new year will bring in live streaming, podcasting, and digital media. Read the post because there’s so much awesomeness!!! My predictions were more like a wish list, we’ll see if I will be granted any of them 🙂

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As you know, I’ve been heavily involved with live streaming since Periscope was born. I downloaded the app in April 2015 and, after joining any possible live broadcast learning how to use the technology, I went live for the first time two months later (June 20). Despite a pathetic first broadcast (I remember having almost a panic attack! LOL), it was love at first sight because I realized its potential to interact, engage, and create relationships with my viewers all over the world in real time. It was mind-blowing! As I used Periscope more consistently, I started getting inquiries for my coaching business, and clients hired me just after joining my broadcasts and having their pressing questions answered live.

I believe that live streaming offers that extra layer of authenticity, assistance, and real-time engagement that we often miss on social media. You post something, then you have to wait for your followers to see, read, and comment on your post. Also, it’s very easy to hide behind a post or a picture and show a completely different side of yourself, but you can’t hide your true personality and attitude in front of a camera. Maybe that’s why many are still resistant to that, and they don’t know that showing who they really are would be a much better solution for their brand.

Do you use live streaming to reach your audience? If so, what do you like about it and how do you use it? If not, what stops you from being in front of the camera?

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