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I finished the #NaNoWriMo Challenge, I have a book …

I can’t believe I did it! I was able to finish the 2018 #NaNoWriMo Challenge, and I’m so proud of myself! I have to say, it was hard to stay consistent and keep writing, no matter how much my life was happening around me. But I made it! Writing every day makes you more focused, more intentional, more empowered. If you have never written a book, I would suggest that you start today. I know you have a story to share and it will teach you a lot about yourself, and your ability to take action and achieve your goals.

I loved the way NaNoWrimo kept me engaged and on the goal: they provide you with tools to count your words, to connect with other authors, to participate in local events in your area, and to be part of a determined community that wants to make a difference.

I finished the challenge at 64,187 words. Way over the suggested 50,000 words in a month. When I uploaded my manuscript to the NaNoWriMo’s website for word count validation yesterday, I had heart palpitations. It felt so emotional! Now I have a manuscript ready to be edited, published, launched. OMG!

Here’s the Winner Certificate that NaNoWriMo sent me – So very excited, I feel like a little girl jumping for joy! My cat, Miss Mocha is also very excited (hehe), she is included in the book inspiring us humans to enjoy life more.

I would like to thank everyone who supported me along the writing journey, and especially my Periscope community. I’ve been live broadcasting since November 1st documenting the progress, and I absolutely loved to know more about them and to help them with their life.

Now, the next step: Editing time! I will keep you posted and, if you want to know more, join my brand Facebook Group – YES to Life-Work Balance – where I will share tips on how to live a better life. I will also make you part of my book journey – More to come!

Yay!!! Time to celebrate the first step!

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