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How do I find creativity in my life?

“How do I find creativity in my life if I’m not creative?” ~ Valerie H.

My fourth Life-Work Balance Mastermind Group has just ended a couple of weeks ago, and I already miss the energy and the support of the members. It was a great one and everybody learned a lot, reached several goals, and made new friends. Isn’t this the best thing when you participate in a mastermind?

Valerie is getting certified as a fitness coach, and she was one of the most active members. Her biggest struggle was about creativity, and she asked us how you can find it and use when you’re not a creative person. My response was very surprising to her: we are all creative, it just depends on how we take advantage of it. And the more you put creativity into action, the more creative you get.

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Creativity can help in many ways: to eat better (variety in food helps your microbiome strengthen your immune system), to exercise better (have fun with your body at the gym, at the beach, on the mountains, dancing, playing with your dog), to live better (there are so many beautiful things you can do take care of yourself), and to work better (you will stand out, provide stellar service to your clients, and achieve goals more strategically).

It doesn’t really take much just to start. What you can do is take a look at an idea or a goal that you need to work on. Don’t just look at that “thing” from one point of view. Ask yourself how other people might view it, how you could change it, how you could elaborate on it, and what tools you might need to do so. Put your mind at work finding different options, different perspectives. Don’t just stop at the first look, there are many different facets in everything you do or experience. Creativity can help you overcome obstacles, get unstuck, and thrive.

Test your creativity today and push it a little further, see where it takes you. Go a little farther tomorrow, and be amazed by the results!

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  1. Mark Longbottom

    I agree with you Sabrina everyone is creative and sadly education systems and business people the globe over make people believe they aren’t creative – obvious reasons there being fear.

    So yes we are all creative and the most important thing for me to advise on how to find your creativity isn’t to look for it or do courses in finding it. With Valerie being a certified fitness coach she will no doubt know her clients problems and fears – there you go she has her creativity at hand and always in her mind.

    As she will always be trying to help them as I am sure she will no doubt be openly helping anyone who she cares for. By helping she will be creating solutions to problems that they have.

    Back to the business people who discourage creativity, I know everyone shakes their head here but how many webinars and dumb ass courses where people pay $0.99 for something worth $10zillion are there out there on all platforms?

    Creativity is also often misguided too as it often just replicates someone else [Gary Vee disciples often do this] – creativity needs to start with a blank canvas and open mind as well as being anything other than something artistic [another block in people’s minds is that they need to be artistic].

    Most people most days will come up with amazing ideas and be convinced they aren’t worth following, that’s creative thinking that when focused and followed by critical thinking will produce very positive and productive strategies.

    I agree Sabrina push forward and don’t be scared and also don’t expect anything just get on with things and meet your aims and objectives.

    1. Sabrina Cadini

      I love everything you wrote here, Mark! Thanks for reading the post.
      I believe that living in different times also has a huge influence on our creativity. Our generation was encouraged to use creativity in a more “creative” way, we were driven to look for ways to stimulate our creativity. We had less tools but we used more imagination. Therefore, our brain was used to its maximum potential. Today, as you said, many people tend to just replicate other people’s creativity. Several of my clients don’t feel they’re creative enough because they don’t have the urge to look for ways to put it into action. (Almost) everything is already out there, ready for them. Their creativity is like a hidden gem in their mind that doesn’t get used enough.

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