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When something can be useful for different purposes

“Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

How many times did you think: “Forget about this idea, it didn’t serve my purpose”? I used to do like that, always creating and dreaming and working on ideas that wouldn’t take me anywhere, then discarding them. But, over the years, I realized that many of those ideas would have been very useful if I kept them alive in some corners of my brain, or if I looked at them in a different way.

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Never say never … Don’t throw away the result of hard work, time and efforts you have invested in something, even if you don’t think it will bring you anywhere. It might be true in that particular moment, but you never know. Life might present you new opportunities. That something, that same idea, that same project might come in handy in a few months or years when you’re working on a new project, a new opportunity. Our mind is capable to adapt and change very easily, and you might “remix” the ideas you have sitting in your brain, waiting for their moment to come alive. Half of your job will be basically done!

How do you create something for your life and your work? Do you ever use your ideas for different purposes?


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