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Workspace Must-Haves to Live Life Fully

This year’s pandemic created a new normal that is here to stay, but there are many ways to maintain comfort, coziness, and safety in our home offices (and in our minds). Here’s a guide to the great indoors with a curated collection of essentials to stay productive (and love yourself) while working from home. Some of these items are so great and beautiful that you could also consider them as holiday gifts for your family, friends, colleagues, and clients.

“WFH Ergonomics Made Easy” Guide by Poppin

This is a quick and easy guide from Poppin, a company that I love for their modern, cool office supplies that come in a variety of styles and colors (even in metallics!). The guide is filled with tips to create an ergonomic home office space, make your dedicated space more comfortable, and increase your productivity. You can download the guide HERE.

Standing Desk by X-Stand™

Form and function meet in this beautifully sustainable product. X-STAND™ is the perfect stand for your laptop or tablet that transforms any work surface into a standing desk. Made of sustainable bamboo, the stand features custom rubber-molded corners secured by brass rivets. You can use the stand in two ways (short or tall setup), and you can conveniently disassemble it and fit it in your backpack.

F.lux Software

You know how obsessed I am with circadian rhythm and sleep. When we sleep, we are able to rest, recharge, repair, and regenerate our entire body. There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep to achieve success in life and at work!

I always recommend my clients to place their desks under natural light for different reasons: sunlight is very beneficial to our biological clock (and to our mood and immune system), and it provides a great way to stretch your eyes and look out once in a while.

Another tool to help with light cycles during the day is F.LUX, a cross-platform computer program that automatically adjusts your display’s color temperature according to where you live and the time of the day. This program will reduce eye strain especially if you work on your computer later in the evening, and it also helps reduce the disruption of your sleep pattern since exposure to blue light in the night can negatively impact your circadian rhythm.

Arden Watch by Thümm & Co.

We all have 24 hours in a day (or 168 hours in a week), but we can make the most out of it by being more organized, focusing on single- or mono-tasking, and avoiding procrastination. You may be tempted to rely on your phone clock to look at the time during your busy day, but let’s face it – wearing a wristwatch is much more fashionable when you work! Besides, you look much better in your Zoom meetings when you accessorize 🙂

I’ve been loving the women’s and men’s watches from Thümm & Co for a while now. They’re very stylish, and I can easily say that they can satisfy everyone’s taste. The founder, Gregg Thumm, has had extensive experience in the watch industry since 1983, from owning and operating his own jewelry store to becoming president of a world-renowned watch company. He then decided to create a collection of wristwatches representing affordability, durability, quality, transparency, and personalization. With the help of his son, Greg, Thümm & Co. came to life.

ARDEN is my favorite with a bold burgundy mother of pearl dial and crocodile grain genuine leather strap. Isn’t she a beauty?

Via Bottle by Vita Juwel

Don’t forget to drink your water! About 80% of the mass of our brain is water, and hydration is critically linked to optimal brain function.

The VIA BOTTLE by Vita Juwel is made of pure glass, and it comes with an exchangeable bottom piece called a GemPod that you can customize with gemstones (there are twelve options for every preference and mood). What I also love about this bottle is that you can remove the bottom for a better cleaning process.

Aligned Rollers by Lo Rox

Lauren Roxburgh is a certified Structural Integration practitioner with a degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, and she is known as an expert on fascia and body alignment. Lauren founded the Aligned Life Studio offering fabulous programs, and she created a fantastic line of tools that you can use while you take some breaks from work. Her ALIGNED ROLLERS are designed to improve blood circulation throughout fascia, skin, muscles, and joints. They are perfect to tone your body and provide a much needed, regenerative massage between work sessions. Your body (and brain) will thank you!

Aurelie Candle by L’Or De Seraphine

I love to light a scented candle to get in the right mood while I’m working, but I’m always picky when it comes to the ingredients. Many candles are made of paraffin wax (a carcinogen), and they may contain synthetic fragrances and dyes that release toxic fumes.

L’or De Seraphine never disappoints: their candles come in beautiful ceramic containers that can enhance every space, they are made with sustainably sourced palm blend wax, and they use essential oils and fragrant florals inspired by ancient rituals for specific aromatherapy benefits (do you feel in the mood for Tranquil, Energized, Focus, or Romance?). That’s not all: their wicks are 100% organic cotton, and their candles are cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and free from parabens and phthalates.

AURELIE is my go-to thanks to its sophisticated and grounding notes of sage, cedarwood, eucalyptus, and patchouli.

Over to you: What are your essentials while working from home? Share in the comments below!


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