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Love Heals Practice Guide is launching soon!

Are you looking for a resource for self-healing?

I’m super excited for the LOVE HEALS PRACTICE GUIDE launching on June 19, written by two masters of ancient Korean energy practices, Ilchibuko Todd and Ilchi Lee.

The book is based on an in-person healing retreat in Sedona, AZ that is shown in the award-winning documentary film Love Heals – it’s really powerful! After sharing these teachings at the retreat and online, Ilchibuko Todd felt called to make these life-changing practices accessible to more people worldwide, which is why she created this guide with Ilchi Lee.

This guide guides you through 21 days of these practices to overcome physical pain and emotional and mental struggles, and also to open your heart and connect with and love yourself.

I don’t make any money from sharing this – I am very grateful for being part of the book launch team because I just believe in it and want to help you if you are struggling in your daily life.

The book is launching soon, but you can pre-order it AT THIS LINK. They also have free bonus gifts when you pre-order a copy!

And that’s not all – there’s another really amazing opportunity for you. From June 3rd–15th, Ilchibuko Todd is giving away a spot at the Love Heals Retreat! The retreat is a 5-day program in Sedona, AZ, where you learn ancient East Asian energy healing practices that are so helpful in dealing with physical and emotional issues, and deepening spiritual connection.

The prize covers the full $2,445 cost of the retreat tuition, accommodations, and meals. You just need to get yourself there (and you can choose the dates).

It’s easy to enter:

  1. Pre-order at least one copy of the Love Heals Practice Guide book AT THIS LINK (you’ll get a DM with detailed instructions if you share the giveaway post on Instagram).
  2. Enter your details on the GIVEAWAY SITE.

I can’t recommend this retreat enough if you’re looking to experience some profound healing and growth. Make sure to get your entries in by June 15!

By the way, if you haven’t read Ilchi Lee’s other books (I raved about two of them HERE and HERE), I strongly recommend you do, especially Water Up Fire Down that refers to a balanced energy flow in your body. When you have that flow, you enjoy your life with a clear mind, open heart, and more power.

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