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How do you feel about Mondays?

I love Mondays! They come after the weekend and they set the tone for a new, fresh start of the week. New week, new opportunities, clean slate, positive mindset = great things your way! Negative mindset = nothing gets done. Don’t think “It’s Monday”, you’re wasting time by thinking about that.

Some tips:

  • Create a list of things that you need to accomplish during the week over the weekend so on Monday you’re ready to go. Try to take care of the least appealing things / goals on Monday, once they’re done you’re ready to move on. Monday will end up being your most productive day of the week!
  • Wake up thinking you have 5, 6, 7 days in the week to accomplish your goals.
  • Be grateful for the job you have on a Monday! Many people are unemployed or homeless and you have a job, you are busy with your job!

I started sharing tips and questions every Monday as part of the #MondayMovesMe series. You will learn how to love your Mondays and be more productive. Let’s start a conversation here on my blog, and on my social media channels!

(Updated April 16, 2019)

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