How do you keep a positive attitude?


I’m proud to be a wedding entrepreneur: I’m in charge of my schedule, I’m in charge of my business decisions, and I work for my success – not for someone else’s. Of course, being an entrepreneur (or a solopreneur, like me) brings responsibilities because your success depends on you and only you can make it happen in order to keep your business open. Sometimes we face adversities or difficult times. We need to fight these adversities and a positive attitude can help. It’s all about visualizing positivity that changes you. Having a positive attitude makes you happier, stronger, more creative therefore, it gives you the ability to make better decisions and making sure you are taking the right steps. It makes you look at your future in a completely different way.

In my specific case, having a positive attitude can be very challenging. I design and plan weddings and these are extremely stressful celebrations where not only the event production needs my attention but also the emotional component plays a very important role. This is not only happening at the actual wedding but throughout the planning process and even when I meet prospective clients for the first time. I consider myself a “problem solver” for my clients: I help them lower their stress and overwhelm during the planning, I help them keep their finances on track, and I help them deal with family relationships that can become more tense during the planning. And, maybe some difficult situations at the wedding such as… The biological father doesn’t get invited to the wedding but he somehow shows up and he sees the stepfather walking the bride (his daughter) down the aisle… What does he do? He goes to the ballroom where the reception will take place and ruins the wedding cake with his finger (Yes, it happened!). So, I’m not only the wedding planner but I’m also a family therapist and I have to deal with chaos when it comes to setup on the morning of the wedding. I sometimes have to deal with vendors who get to the location and their day is not going in the right direction. So, I really need to have a positive attitude every single day.

Here are some tips that I’d like to share in order to keep a positive attitude in your daily life and this applies to everybody, not only wedding planners.

Love your body

Follow my four basic principles: eat healthy foods, get adequate sleep, exercise regularly, and dedicate time to yourself. When your body is healthy your immune system works better, your productivity increases and your positivity increases as well. By doing so you improve the quality of your life

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Wake up in the morning thinking that something great will happen to you

This can mean something really positive (maybe great news, a new client, or a new friend) or something that is not so positive but it will provide a great learning experience. Basically, if you experience a negative situation try to find the positive side and use it to your advantage. For instance, did you lose a client today? Sorry to hear that but it can give you some insights for the next business opportunity. Find why that client decided to hire someone else and make the appropriate changes in your business

Acknowledge that life is not always a fun adventure

You will face difficult times and that’s totally fine. Be open to those difficult times because, after all, they will make you enjoy more beautiful and positive moments in your day

Try to live more in the moment

Don’t overstress thinking about “what if”, and “maybe I should”, and so on. Enjoy those little slices of life that you live every single day without worrying too much

Be grateful

Think about what you have in life and the beauty that surrounds you: this can be a loving spouse, beautiful children, wonderful friends, a cozy house, your pet, and being able to walk, see, hear. These are things that we take for granted every single day. Practice gratefulness, it will boost your mood and improve your positivity


This is my most powerful weapon. Smiling immediately changes a tense situation. Also, did you know that smiling releases endorphins and serotonin, the so-called feel good hormones? Try it today and you will see how smiling can change everything. But don’t smile with a grin, smile like you mean it, with your eyes and with intention.

When I’m working at events or weddings, I breathe and smile, I wait a few seconds before answering, and I always ask things in a very polite and calm way. It helps the other person to lower their stress level. And it definitely helps my couple to have a fun, flawless and memorable day with friends and family.

~~~ TAKE ACTION ~~~ Commit to a more positive lifestyle that will bring better things your way!

~~~ LEAVE A COMMENT ~~~ Which of these tips is working best for you? Do you have more suggestions? I’d love to know!

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