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Join my productivity challenge on January 2

It’s time to bid farewell to 2016 and I know a lot of you are ready to welcome the new year.
But before we leave 2016 let’s take a look at what you accomplished or you were not able to achieve. It’s always a good thing to review your year and set the foundation for the new one.
My biggest goal for next year – 2017 – is to ELEVATE other professionals, other entrepreneurs and let them achieve what they really want in their lives.
For this reason, I decided to design a productivity challenge that will touch on different areas of your life and will guide you to a clearer path. In addition to that, the challenge is completely FREE and I don’t see how you could pass on it!
My challenge is called Love Yourself, Own Your Life and that’s exactly what the title says: I will show you how to love yourself, your body, your mind, so that you will be in control of your life. Believe it or not, everything is connected: our body is directly connected to our mind and, if your body is not in balance, your clarity and productivity will suffer, and your personal and professional life will inevitably be affected. I learned this the hard way after experiencing burnout, depression and health issues that led me to a revolutionary life-work balance. This new life allows me to live fully and provide stellar service to my clients.

The challenge will start on Monday, January 2 (next week!) and it will take place on Facebook. This challenge is focused on helping you achieve personal and professional balance over 14 days with small daily assignments.
I created a private Facebook group where we will work together towards our goals for 2017 and we will share our wins but also our struggles. You will have a supportive community of passionate, committed and driven professionals who want to make a change in 2017 like you.

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Unlike other productivity challenges that take a look at things you should do, I will stress on a healthy lifestyle which is just what changed my life a few years ago. I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist or a dietician so I cannot provide medical advice however, I will share precious tips on how to improve your lifestyle and be more productive.
Every day we will work on a different subject and there will be a little assignment to motivate you towards your goals.

We will take a look at different areas in your life:
1) Personal (Family, Social, Education)
2) Business (Finances, Career)
3) Health (Eating, Exercise, Sleep, Rewards)
We tend to forget how important our health is. We take it for granted too often and we just realize how important it is when we get sick. We are our business, our business counts on us to run and we need to take care of ourselves. Every. single. day.

So, will you join the challenge? It starts next Monday! You have no excuses, the holiday season will be almost over by then and it’s time to work on 2017!
Is this challenge for you? If you are a busy entrepreneur, solopreneur, small business owner in any industry the answer is YES. Thi challenge is not industry or business specific, it will focus on you as an individual who works (either part time or full time). The purpose of this challenge is to increase your productivity whatever you do in life.

Here’s what you need to do:
Step 1: Go to my signup page and join the challenge for free by filling out a form that will ask for your name, email address, your Facebook profile URL, and your goals for 2017.
After you submit the form I will invite you to the private Facebook group, ready to start the challenge on Monday.
Step 2: Visit the private Facebook group. I will have some welcome information and rules for you to review so make sure you join as soon as possible. This will give you enough time to become familiar with the group and meet your challenge friends. (show screenshot with arrows)
If you’re unable to join between this week and the next one you can definitely do it after we start, I will keep the private group open for a couple of weeks after the challenge is over to answer questions and give you the support you need.
Step 3: Invite a friend! Let’s all have fun during the challenge and when you do it with a friend it’s even more fun! Feel free to share the link to the sign up page to your friends and family
I will go live inside our private Facebook group every day with a question related to a specific topic, tips to help you get closer to your goals, and one assignment for you to complete. Why a live video? Because I want to be able to support you by answering questions you might have during the challenge, and being able to interact with you in real time. During the challenge I will also give you the opportunity to share your progress with all of us inside the group by scheduling live broadcasts with me and you.

I can’t wait for you to join my challenge and I look forward to getting to know all of you a little better. Come join a fantastic community of doers and let’s have fun together while we reach our goals for 2017!

~~~ TAKE ACTION ~~~ SIGN UP TODAY and have your best year yet!

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