Always be unique


Always, always, always be unique – Don’t try to copy others.

Sometimes it’s hard not to copy others, it’s our human nature. We start copying adults’ behavior (expressions, laughter) since we are babies, then when we learn to speak as little children, when we learn to ride a bicycle, when we learn a particular skill as grown-ups.

We often imitate unconsciously, and it’s proven that imitating others creates a deeper bond or relationship between two individuals or in a group.

When it comes to copying in the business world, though, I would avoid the temptation. When you copy others who have been there before you and, for this reason, you think success is guaranteed, the results will be very poor. Your audience won’t notice anything new, won’t be attracted by your new and unique message. As a result, they won’t do business with you because they’re not impressed. Maybe they won’t even see you because you are just repeating what others have already done before you.

The only exception is when you get inspired by others to create your masterpieces, to improve an idea and make it better. Your clients will be highly attracted to your new, unique product or service and they will want to do business with you. This will show your creativity, your expertise, your ability to serve others, and you will develop your own signature style. This is what you will be known for. It’s not what you have to offer (competition may be fierce), but how you can solve your clients’ problems with your product or service. This is the best way to find your ideal client and create a lasting relationship.

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