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Creativity is about putting imagination to work

sabrina cadini monday moves me motivational inspiration creativity imagination weddingpreneurs business coach

“Creativity involves putting your imagination to work” ~ Sir Ken Robinson

The author of this week’s quote, Sir Ken Robinson is a creativity expert and he wrote several books on the subject. He talks about misconceptions that people have about creativity:

Only a few people are really creative

This is not true. Everybody is creative in different ways. You just need to cultivate this talent of yours, whether you are a planner or a baker, an officiant or a calligrapher.

Creativity is only about special activities

Wrong. Creativity is not related to arts only. We can be creative with anything we do. Being able to solve our clients’ problems in our industry is a sign of creative thinking. My wedding day timeline doesn’t have any artistic elements but it was labeled as “a very creative document” by a photographer I worked with a few years ago.

Creativity is just about letting yourself go

Not necessarily. Creativity is often a process that involves much more than craziness. You need passion, expertise, control, perseverance, dedication.

The event and wedding industry is filled with highly talented and creative professionals, from designers to musicians, caterers, stationers, florists, and more. Every time we work with a client we use our imagination to create a unique experience, we work with our creativity to go above and beyond, and we bring their vision to life – emotionally and visually. Creativity is what makes us different, what allows us to stand out.

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But, how do we find our creative vein? How do we put our imagination to work? Do we look at trends? Do we get inspired by other people’s work? Or, do we start with a blank canvas? This is totally up to you. Trendsetters start from a blank canvas and they just create the magic. Others look at what’s being done, they get inspired, then customize the vision with their own ideas, style and personality. All this is totally acceptable – as long as you don’t copy other people’s work, as long as you don’t replicate other people’s creativity. Replicating is never cool.

I am very blessed to know a talented artist and designer who is extremely creative and he thinks the same way. His name is Mark Longbottom and we’ve been friends on Twitter for quite a while. You can follow him on Twitter and on Instagram. He says:

Let creativity deconstruct and renew, not replicate, embracing natural progression and evolution

The creative process is critical to find your own voice, to express your own style, and to achieve your desired plan. Bringing your client’s vision to life is not something that happens by chance, it is the result of your creativity at work.

~~~ LEAVE A COMMENT ~~~ How creative are you? How do you get inspired? How do you put your imagination to work?

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  1. Great post Sabrina, thanks for adding my quote it was wonderful speaking about this on Twitter yesterday – I still share Sir Ken Robinsons Ted Talk on creativity, so simple but so complex when you look at how we are uneducated from being creative when it would help us all to be curious and creative. Thanks again, great post 🙂

    1. Sabrina Cadini

      Thank you, Mark! Great point about being uneducated – Creativity is too often ignored or left out of the picture when it comes to inspiring and teaching how to be more productive. You are a great example of how creativity can bring talent and skills to the next level in everyone’s life

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