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My Word of 2019: ABUNDANCE

Time to reveal my Word of 2019: ABUNDANCE. Did you guess it right?

I think Abundance is a great fit for my plans in the new year.

The word came to me while I was writing my book in November, but then I asked myself: Why?

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I realized it was not the type of abundance that we want (to be wealthier, healthier, more informed, with more friends, etc.).

What I want for 2019 is to share my Abundance of knowledge and experience to help you improve your well-being, succeed in your business, master your body & mind connection, and achieve life-work balance. I hope I will be able to touch, inspire and transform your life and the life of thousands of people so that you can all thrive, personally and professionally.

A great way to take advantage of my Abundance is by joining my Facebook Group, YES To Life-Work Balance. I’m sharing lots of information, tips, and strategies that give you an opportunity to change and become a new person in 2019. The support is also amazing, and you can grow and change together with other like-minded professionals. Join us today!

I also created a hashtag #shareabundance2019, feel free to use it whenever you want to share your story of transformation thanks to my blog, Facebook group, or coaching. Let’s share Abundance!

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